Can This NFL Prospect Stay Perfect? What Will Happen to Trey Lance?

Aug 27, 2020
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Trey Lance has one more college football game to decide his NFL future.
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  • Trey Lance gives me the vibe that he's a really good humble kid. Pair that with his talent tells me he's going to go very far, I would bet on him taking him with a top 5 pick. I hope my jets trade back a few spots and take him.

    micro foxmicro foxDay ago
  • We all know NDSU would have destroyed Oregon

    Paid TouristPaid Tourist9 days ago
  • Hey Flemlo.. Could ya possibly do a vid on one of my favorite Bama players from the past ?? Javier Arenas

    Eric WimpeeEric Wimpee16 days ago
  • Bust

    J ManJ Man16 days ago
  • Vs C. Ark.... 15-30, 149 yds, 2 TD 1 INT, 15 CAR 143 YDS 2 TD.... won 39-28

    Big AlBig Al24 days ago
  • Looking since my falcons may draft this kid

    Colby HillColby Hill25 days ago
  • Dude super new to the channel maybe a week and I think I watched all your videos!! I alway destroy wall and you and your girl putting up the displate is hella cute 🥰... cue the Wayne!!!

    ram-ROC Gram-ROC G27 days ago
  • One of the biggest predictors of a bust is the small college sample size. Having less than 24 starts = bust a laughably huge percentage of the time. It doesn’t matter if that tape looks great for 12-15 games (think Haskins, trubiski or Sanchez for recent high profile examples). Starting 24+ games doesn’t mean you’ll be a success, but starting less means you’ll be a bust. Trey has bust written all over him.

    Brandon LBrandon LMonth ago
  • That streak ended when they played UCA. Shout out UCA Bears!

    MuleriderMuleriderMonth ago
  • Cant believe he did all that Flem and no Interceptions thats crazy

    Weedy Guitar StudioWeedy Guitar StudioMonth ago
  • I actually live in Fargo and a huge bison fan, This is kinda crazy seeing my favorite D1 school have so much attention because of trey. Y’all finding out now that the bison are a powerhouse bruh.

    Ashton KildeAshton KildeMonth ago
    • But he had that bad game, he’s not what he was

      Maxy ValeriusMaxy ValeriusMonth ago
  • *first NFL pass -- pick 6* Jokes jokes

    Montana OloaMontana OloaMonth ago
    • "Oh man, that's cold." -- Nathan Peterman

      68Charger68ChargerMonth ago
  • Really hope he is available at the 15th pick 🙏 He would be a good fit for the Patriots

    JPJPMonth ago
  • That sponsor is fire man I almost never care for yt merchandise / products they endorse but shit I might fuck around and buy a poster lol

    Hugo Next UpHugo Next UpMonth ago
  • Just found this channel and it’s great!

    michaelwromanmichaelwromanMonth ago
  • Bro you the next Steve Sabbol

    Bennie LeijaBennie LeijaMonth ago
  • 2TDs+2morerushing in the Oct 3 game. But...... he did throw a pick.

    ShortzyShortzyMonth ago
  • My younger brother was a coach on the NDSU Bisons. I was even at the 2018 championship game. 2nd row 50 yrd line

    MtyKl1p XMtyKl1p X2 months ago
  • He had 1 pic that game 😂

    ColinColin2 months ago
  • I see you putting in work

    Mickey MouseMickey Mouse2 months ago
  • Never seen him play. I hold your opinion in high regard. Sounds like a potential jalen hurts being a coach's kid raises his stock. Going to Carson wentz college scares us. Because wentz waa always the biggest strongest fasted kid in college he don't know how to play team or not try to truck people. Does he play team ball? Or is he a hero?

    Mandel HarveyMandel Harvey2 months ago
  • Videos got better yes but it's bout more people realizing how good it is

    Victor PerezVictor Perez2 months ago
  • He’s gonna be a bust

    Devin LetcherDevin Letcher2 months ago
  • Good schit.

    Robert DickRobert Dick2 months ago
  • Trey could have jumped fields but now he's getting jump by Wilson and maybe a trask

    BaconFootballBaconFootball3 months ago
  • Thanks for the inspiration, thank God 🙏 thoughts and creation like this. Again thank you Onelove

    Terry VanPeperstraeteTerry VanPeperstraete3 months ago
  • Do one on Peter Warrick?

    Gabe GermaineGabe Germaine3 months ago
  • Bro bengal the quality these videos been insane keep it up !!!

    JayJay3 months ago
  • The Niners sure could use his services...

    T KT K3 months ago
    • I was just thinking the same thing. Hope it happens.

      Dee 2the boDee 2the bo3 months ago
  • North Dakota St was originally assigned to play against another NFL PROSPECT at the DB position say hello to FRANKLIN MC CAIN III from NORTH CAROLINA A&T he was a impact player as a frosh he is listed at 6'0 175 with the necessary speed 4.37 to play the position at the next level I think he could be the next Darrell Green.

    Dwight LoveDwight Love3 months ago
  • Trey Lance was listed at 6'4 230 a bigger version of Russell Wilson.If Wilson was as big as this guy he was a obvious FIRST ROUND CHOICE.

    Dwight LoveDwight Love3 months ago
  • Cool video man. I enjoy your commentaries.

    Miles CrisseyMiles Crissey3 months ago
  • Did he just call Wents a great QB??? 😂😂😂

    Yacan Ben IsraelYacan Ben Israel3 months ago
  • Update he threw 2 TD's 1 INT Rushed for 2 TD's and won the game.

    RemedyRemedy4 months ago
  • You get me hooked on some really unheard people stories we don’t hear over the Atlantic in🇬🇧 must ask, where do you get the player data base that shows college guys inc. scout links & tape that you used in this video?

    Kevin MillinKevin Millin4 months ago
  • That camp he was at the school is in Nashville tn I live there

    Riley Howard IVRiley Howard IV4 months ago
  • What is background song title?

    John Charles RichardsonJohn Charles Richardson4 months ago
  • Keep up the amazing work my brother 🤟🏿💕💯💕💯

    Jmarie BradleyJmarie Bradley4 months ago
  • Is that your girl In the sponsor? She too pretty for u bruh!!!!...... Jk;p

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  • Let’s go NDSU

    Banquo ChinoBanquo Chino4 months ago
  • I appreciate the type dude you are and your morals are great. Keep up the good work

    Justin McWhorterJustin McWhorter4 months ago
  • I thought that was Patrick Mahomes in the thumbnail

    angelangel4 months ago
  • Lance looked terrible in that game. A lot of it was receivers letting him down but a lot of it was wild throws and inaccuracy. Good thing he has legs. That game hurt him I think. That said, a slide to late 1st round is better than a climb to a top 5 pick for a career as a QB. He needs an Andy Reid to coach him up. Put him in Indy behind a good veteran QB with insane character that will actually mentor him. Add to that the offensive line to protect him. That could be problems for the AFC and my Chiefs down the line.

    Ralph DreesRalph Drees4 months ago
  • Looked a little meh few days ago tbh

    Gabrian BartholomewGabrian Bartholomew4 months ago
  • 318 pass attempts though... The stats are nice but the sample size is small.

    Jackson FlowersJackson Flowers4 months ago
  • As an SDSU fan treys scary

    Drxp XotticDrxp Xottic4 months ago
  • Skip to 4:40

    FriesFries4 months ago
  • And he threw a pick in that game...

    Jeremy BiggersJeremy Biggers4 months ago
  • Trey lance is TRASH bro. I’m a vikings fan and if they draft him over fields imma flip sh*t

    Jack GarciaJack Garcia4 months ago
  • I have a Metal post

    rashad andersonrashad anderson4 months ago
  • this guy is too much unidimencional

    Mauro GomesMauro Gomes4 months ago
  • will be a nice backup

    Mauro GomesMauro Gomes4 months ago
  • love seeing NDSU getting recognized, from ND

    S7 FluidzS7 Fluidz4 months ago
    • Banlayer Himmelspach facts

      S7 FluidzS7 Fluidz4 months ago
    • Same man ND don’t get any respect

      Banquo ChinoBanquo Chino4 months ago
  • Im late as heck. Dear Atlanta Falcons......Start tanking. That is All

    Daniel N.Daniel N.4 months ago
  • 10:07 Trevor Lawrence: Nah, ima play

    One Gamer ProductionsOne Gamer Productions4 months ago
  • Yo im fucking with this company you sponsored 😧

    Robert LozoyaRobert Lozoya4 months ago
  • i can happily say that this is one of the few channels that i have watched for a long long time

    JoeJoe5 months ago
  • Appreciate the love you gave the NDSU program. Living in NoDak, it's nice to get some recognition. Great vids btw! Keep it up!

    keepersleekerkeepersleeker5 months ago
  • Bro was that your girl? Maaa man, she pretty

    UniScopesUniScopes5 months ago
  • I love how the quality of the video matches the quality of flemlos storytelling. Keep up the good work man

    Samir OsmanSamir Osman5 months ago
  • Hopefully he does better than the last Bison nfl quarterback. Wentz has accomplished nothing other than getting a big contract.

    Rau KennethRau Kenneth5 months ago
  • This is really on some madden type ish with a ONE GAME SHOWCASE. One game that’s gonna make or break his career.

    Dahboy ShawDahboy Shaw5 months ago
  • Future Detroit Lion

    Astro GamingAstro Gaming5 months ago
  • This was the first video where I was completely sold by the sponsored segment

    Nba LiveNba Live5 months ago
  • Bro like how do you even have time to know this much? Great presentation as usual. Who needs football reference when you got Flemlo

    zack edwardszack edwards5 months ago
  • Ndsu fans stand up🤘

    Kaleb SiemieniewskiKaleb Siemieniewski5 months ago
  • What happened to “cue Lil Wayne?”

    Wiring Resource LLCWiring Resource LLC5 months ago
  • Kind of hard because no NFL team really needs a QB right now. All of them are pretty much set at the QB position

    James HonoreJames Honore5 months ago
  • He's better than fields let's just be honest

    pink Corbinpink Corbin5 months ago
  • My boys reppin Minnesota too! I have high hopes for him and thanks for doing ya thang FlemLo

    Beastie TangBeastie Tang5 months ago
  • Yo girl cute good job bro 👍🏾

    DatboyJayDatboyJay5 months ago
  • Trey Lances college career is what happens when a guy whose good enough to play for any of the top tier schools decides to go play fcs, he’s a couple miles ahead of everyone he’s facing and that’s why I don’t have him ahead of guys like Lawrence and fields in this years draft

    Jake GrahamJake Graham5 months ago
  • Tommy fraizer!!!

    Johnny JohnsonJohnny Johnson5 months ago
  • Them posters high af

    Lion King JLion King J5 months ago
  • trey lance is trash

    Mauro GomesMauro Gomes5 months ago
  • He going to Tampa Bay watch

    optimus9optimus95 months ago
  • Damn Flemlo. I remember when you had 44k followers. Crazy growth👍

    Christopher Do44Christopher Do445 months ago
  • I wouldn't play cause if he doesn't look great with all the lights on him it could really drop his value

    Davy BrazellDavy Brazell5 months ago
  • Bro line ups are fresh.. I’m thinking about growing dreads

    DeuceKobe -_-DeuceKobe -_-5 months ago
  • Probably the best add I’ve ever watched

    Alex sherwoodAlex sherwood5 months ago
  • Anyone know what camera he’s using?

    Marco BenavidesMarco Benavides5 months ago
  • Hugh quality metal right there

    Nicholaus ShaunNicholaus Shaun5 months ago
  • My boy trey lance got on here let’s go go bison

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  • I can’t be the only one who cane back for the sponsore

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  • Bro your commercial was great you killed it. They better give you a raise. You nailed on showing hanging those posters .

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  • Been off the flemlo tape for a min but I’m back and SO ... IS..... FOOTBALL!

    Sempre OmertàSempre Omertà5 months ago
  • Ill be honest if Trevor was playing against those opponents hed have a 50-0 td/int ratio I wanna see NDS against real competition

    Lucas RLucas R5 months ago
  • Yeahcur mad Bias to Joe Mixen I can just tell at this point lmao.

    taco BStaco BS5 months ago
  • Steelers are drafting him

    Gee BeeGee Bee5 months ago
  • Excellent video. You even made the sponsor sound interesting. That's skill.

    Crow JacksonCrow Jackson5 months ago
  • I actually grew up 30 miles away from him in a town called Tyler. I went to school at RTR and remember hearing about him when I was in school around there. Cant wait to see him succeed in the nfl. He deserves it.

    Austin OlsonAustin Olson5 months ago
  • Trey Lance is better than Justin Fields.

    ahhculdeeahhculdee5 months ago
  • One of my brothers best friends and from my hometown Marshall!

    Taylor DoyleTaylor Doyle5 months ago
  • One of the more forgotten QB’s to play for the Bison was Brock Jensen he went 48-3 including a 15-0 season in 2013

    Maria AlvarezMaria Alvarez5 months ago
  • NDSU is Seriously for real. They have beaten 5 FBS teams in a row and of they best Oregon than..... They are just too OP for the FCS lol

    SmithN' WessonSmithN' Wesson5 months ago
  • I’m having a hard time getting and finding your videos? Mad props to your content! You are definitely one of my favorites to watch on USworlds. Keep going bro

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  • Nice poster.

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  • Great content all the time!🔥🔥

    Stevo MesidorStevo Mesidor5 months ago
  • Trey lance I feel like is almost better than Carson I wanna day, I’ve watched ndsu since I was young and that’s just what I think.

    BoneymantellaBoneymantella5 months ago
  • Do what happened to Lawrence Phillips

    magnum lifemagnum life5 months ago