He Became the Biggest NFL Draft Bust of All Time! What Happened to Ryan Leaf?

Feb 13, 2021
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Ryan Leaf has become one of, if not the BIGGEST NFL draft bust of all time... But there is more to his story.

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  • He shoulda gone to FL as a linebacker.. 😂

    Christian SantosChristian Santos24 minutes ago
  • 1:15 “Steelers had lost, and Ryan couldn’t associate himself with losers” 😭😭 he’s a savage. Great work sir!

    Yes SirYes Sir51 minute ago
  • The frantic flight surprisingly press because alto histologically pump a a abject store. flaky, horrible gold

    Abby AlderAbby Alder5 hours ago
  • OK, first thing to remember, ANY dude who takes even a single snap under center in the NFL. Is not a scrub who is dogshit at the game of football. Yet, if you are talented enough to make it to the league, you can now be compared to all other members of this fraternity. And doing so shows that his career stats actually made me fucking laugh out loud. Can't really believe that anyone invited him into training camp after getting cut from SD. His completion percentage is hilarious

    Mr. AnonymousMr. Anonymous6 hours ago
  • Uhmmmm....Jamarcus Russell was the bigggggessstt bust in the NFL.

    Brian TBrian T6 hours ago
  • I blame the Coaches for his not being able to handle adversity. As a HS Varsity Coach, I see this with other young kids who don't know how to address adversity.

    Major HawkerMajor Hawker8 hours ago
  • Flemlo shinning light on positive side. That's value, as well.

    Jeremy DavidJeremy David12 hours ago
  • That Kansas City game 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Edward Outlaw JrEdward Outlaw Jr14 hours ago
  • He almost trips on himself @ 6:41

    Tree Da BarberTree Da Barber15 hours ago
  • Addiction is Satan. The allure of the apple is sometimes too strong. Manziel just could not get Satan out his ear. Manziel could have been Patrick Mohommes before Patrick Mahommes. Their style of play is very similar. Unfortunately, neither he nor we will ever know what could have been. A pity.

    Tekniqal2Tekniqal216 hours ago
  • If you binge watch you need to subscribe this guy is like 30 for30 but more in depth

    Twelve StepsTwelve Steps16 hours ago
  • Randy Moss caught more touchdowns his rookie season than Leaf threw in his career.

    Duryl CookDuryl Cook17 hours ago
  • Amazing video bro! Keep killing it!

    tom foremantom foreman17 hours ago
  • Man what a sad crazy story...im glad dude picked himself up everytime he fell. Its honestly pretty inspirational. Keep truckin Ryan!

    Randall TracyRandall Tracy18 hours ago
  • Literal chills at the last sentence.

    Ms.AnthropeMs.Anthrope19 hours ago
  • Que another wayne song please... That song is trash 🗑️

    M. KellyM. Kelly19 hours ago
  • That was a excellent piece of journalism! Made me tear up a bit, and shed some new perspective on life itself.

    Devin D BassDevin D Bass19 hours ago
  • I watched a lot of your videos and thought I had subscribed, but this video made me go make sure I was subscribed!! Dude, your good!!! Thank you for the research and the other!! I have been a "Ryan Like" in my life in a lot of ways and enjoyed the encouragement!!!

    Mark PerryMark Perry21 hour ago
  • Flemlo my guy, I know it’s a sad story but I think you should tell the story of Zaevion Dobson, a true local hero in Knoxville, Tennessee. A story about doing the right thing and standing up for those around you and those you care about.

    philip scalfphilip scalf21 hour ago
  • Bro absolutely love your content. Where or how did you come up with your channel name? Super glad I found your channel bro keep it up!

    RawrZillaRawrZilla21 hour ago
  • Did Ryan Leaf ever meet Roy Munson?

    m14speederm14speeder21 hour ago
  • Phenomenon video. Keep up the great work!

    Austin GentryAustin Gentry23 hours ago
  • might be a bust in the NFL but he's a hero in real life for help bringing to light the lying and deceitfulness of the NFL. People are so obsessed with his play he's a human being

    bluflu flipflopbluflu flipflop23 hours ago
  • Have you ever heard the tragedy of Jamarcus Russel the bum

    Justin PaceJustin Pace23 hours ago
  • Damn... this one got serious fast... the old man says, we took everything down when he went to prison... wow. Terribly sad. The world in the palm of your hand, and you end up in prison. Sad.

    grumpy_old_mangrumpy_old_manDay ago
  • This vid is badass. Love this channel. You should cover MMA and Boxing call it Flemloscraps damn I'm high...

    Cas ClayCas ClayDay ago
  • Thought that was pop smoke

    Nick FrancisNick FrancisDay ago
  • Short answer: Drugs. Long answer: Drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

    Ben VinewBen VinewDay ago
  • Very well said and done Flem. One of the best videos on USworlds from beginning to end. Keep up the great work Bro.

    Shane YoungShane YoungDay ago
  • People like this makes me nervous.

    Follow The GrowFollow The GrowDay ago
  • Imagine being know for your biggest failure. Especially when you were young and dumb. Hard pill to swallow for anyone.

    J BJ BDay ago
  • So when is ESPN going to hire FLEMLO? It has long been overdue.. can you imagine flemlo doing a 30 for 30.. that would be crazy

    Louis HarrisonLouis HarrisonDay ago
  • Dang flemlo , u were born to do this. The way u narrate through Ryan’s story was amazing. Down to the last line and glance it was a very informative yet entertaining story... I don’t know how u do it but u are great at this

    Royal RussellRoyal RussellDay ago
  • Imagine if Trevor Lawrence is the next Ryan leaf.... They do have similar back stories but I have no idea what Trevors attitude is like.

    Matt SmithMatt SmithDay ago
  • Flemlo this is a really great production my guy. Easy sub! Great work man!

    Shinobi FPVShinobi FPVDay ago
  • Love the positivity; Flemlo is exceptionally talented.

    Na PueoNa PueoDay ago
  • Oink Oink.. I am learning so much from you.. You are mad Genius at this.. Keep On doing What you love you are doing.. Keep on pressing On.. and Keep Up the Good Work.. YOU are Your Very Best.. Oink Oink

    devin jodevin joDay ago
  • Just discovered Flemlo and I am VERY impressed. The depth of research and eloquence with which he explains everything is just top notch. Subscribed!!!

    Damon PaoliDamon PaoliDay ago
  • Wow, your best video yet. Deserves to be on Netflix. Well done Sir!

    Michael CoxMichael CoxDay ago
  • I hope Ryan gets a chance to see this video. This was great and very respectful to a resilient man.

    Aint TellinuAint TellinuDay ago
  • Maybe SD just kills QB's? Remember Brees was considered a bust until his 5th season or something like that

    mike mallamomike mallamoDay ago
  • Anybody know the beat he uses in the background? I can never find it, it’s dope asf

    Alpha BlaqAlpha BlaqDay ago
  • You always bring it Flem. Your videos are always well crafted.

    Greg HooverGreg HooverDay ago
  • You said seven day then seven weeks. Just saying u don’t get jammed up for “misleading”

    ravinder singhravinder singhDay ago
  • 31:41 straight chills🥶

    Broogie 1023Broogie 1023Day ago
  • He set himself up for failure if Terry Bradshaw was his hero. Possibly the most overrated QB of all time

    Calvin SimpsonCalvin SimpsonDay ago
  • Great vid. Although Flemlo don't look old enough to remember Ryan Leaf.

    jamestheradiomanjamestheradioman2 days ago
  • So Ryan Leaf's name became an insult like that Munson guy from 'Kingpin.'

    Darrin NunyahDarrin Nunyah2 days ago
  • Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 days ago
  • @flemloraps by far one of the best videos you’ve ever done!!

    Thomas MarguglioThomas Marguglio2 days ago
  • The needless jason grossly dream because bronze arespectively suffer as a toothsome waiter. innocent, successful animal

    dj browndj brown2 days ago
  • Well done piece sir.

  • As a die-hard San Diego / Los Angeles charger fan... I can honestly say this is the first time I ever looked at Ryan Leaf... Sometimes we get caught up in sports and forget that these are human beings underneath those helmets

    Ernest SmithErnest Smith2 days ago
  • Just subscribed because you have a real talent for communication and story telling. I bet we'll eventually see another youtuber doing a story on you. Keep up the good work!

    C Riley HoodC Riley Hood2 days ago
  • This is some of the best sports commentary I've watched. Just subscribed.

    Wolvie181Wolvie1812 days ago
  • Wonder why I haven’t heard of him 🤔 jk

    Keegan TullyKeegan Tully2 days ago
  • Flemlo is the most empathetic man on youtube.

    Adam NavigatoAdam Navigato2 days ago
  • I love listening to this man.

    David DuDavid Du2 days ago
  • This one was touching. Had heard his name mentioned around a lot but truly didn’t know they were being a little mean as I simply didn’t know what bust meant at the time in the context of football. But hey at least he’s still trying and that is commendable, seems like a relatively good dude who lost his way a bit. He’s very clearly gonna KEEP at it no matter what.. good for him. Good video as always I really enjoyed this one a LOT. We all know you’re DOPE and we appreciate you with the great content as always.

    isthatbreisthatbre2 days ago
  • San Diego Chargers made the biggest mistake ever by getting Ryan Leaf.

    William DiemertWilliam Diemert2 days ago
  • Tell us what the hell is going on with Isaiah Wilson.

  • This man was definitely hella good at writing essays in highschool

    big boibig boi2 days ago
  • It’s aggravating to see people with so much potential.... and just throw it away completely.

    Boston NateBoston Nate2 days ago
  • Bro I don't know why people give u a thumb down. Ur video are awesome n always find positive thing to say about players. Keep up the good work.

    Houa LorHoua Lor2 days ago
  • Jamarcus Russell is the biggest bust of all time No question about it.

    Dustin SDustin S2 days ago
  • Great video man! As a Michigan fan I remember watching Ryan play in the rose bowl and thinking he was pretty damn good. I really liked how you showed throughout this video the man would keep getting up after falling down. Different perspective than what is normally portrayed about him. Thank you

    Brian BorekBrian Borek2 days ago
  • Dude needed a mentor.

    newking70newking702 days ago
  • Skip to 4:52 to begin the story

    Joe JacksonJoe Jackson2 days ago
  • I've watched this 5 tjmes

    Track Star ForeverTrack Star Forever2 days ago
  • im from montana, check out ELVIS OLD BULL

    Jeremy MarceauJeremy Marceau2 days ago
  • Do you really have to move your hands so much while talking? I mean, you are just talking. Not rapping.

    Lucky EddyLucky Eddy2 days ago
  • who keep hating this man's work? Good work FlemLo

    Hannibal VanderbiltHannibal Vanderbilt2 days ago
  • Yo, my brother, your back, been missing your videos.

    christopher nealy with dchristopher nealy with d2 days ago
  • I think Jamarcus Russell could ruval Leaf for biggest bust.

    Eric MendenhallEric Mendenhall2 days ago
  • The has to be one of your best videos Bruh!!! Love it!!!!

    Coach BCoach B2 days ago
  • Your comment about if you didn't see the whole Ryan Leach situation coming, you weren't paying attention is usually the situation. People get all excited about the possibilities and willfully ignore the red flags; it is human nature. Anyway, I love your videos and the honesty that you put into each one of them.

    Raleigh SanfordRaleigh Sanford2 days ago
  • Bro was like 8 inches taller than the other kids on the high school field lmao

    Sous’s Missing FingerSous’s Missing Finger2 days ago
  • Wow I never thought that getting up after all that he has gone through was possible.

    Ethan RevisEthan Revis2 days ago
  • Great story inspirational forsure 🤙🏾

    Dom KennedyDom Kennedy3 days ago
  • So the Allen Iverson of the NFL

    Rick MorganRick Morgan3 days ago
  • Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell both in my eyes would be as big and in Russell’s case bigger he was a one and Leaf a two

    Jason** Yea**Jason** Yea**3 days ago
  • We need a dive on Akili . Dude had so so much talent and went into such a horrible situation. And disappered

    Kevin MaltsbergerKevin Maltsberger3 days ago
  • I dont think that bs apology was that bad

    Rontrell GilesRontrell Giles3 days ago
  • ok, chargers pass up on multiple HOF players...but then football gods were like "we like San Diego so we will help you out" they get L.T. ,Drew Brees, Antonio Gates....what does the organization do? squander all championship opportunities with horrible coaching hires, bypassing coaching staff to get Phillip Rivers (don't get me wrong he is a good player but they had a Super Bowl roster and decided to pick him and let that roster fall apart....they could have gotten someone like Larry Fitzgerald....imagine that Brees, Fitzgerald, and L.T.)

    OctavianOctavian3 days ago
  • This is my first video of yours I have watched. Wow. Good job. Just further proof that USworlds makes better sports commentary than ESPN now.

    Guy GuyGuy Guy3 days ago
  • Flems videos are always inspiring. Dude has a legit care for the human side of all this. Keep it up man.

    Dustin GreggDustin Gregg3 days ago
  • Ryan is a Huge Success At living No matter what Keep TRYING, win loose Wtf it doesn't matter if you dnt learn anything

    Rod WRod W3 days ago
  • Great job , Main Stream Broadcasting take Notice

    Rod WRod W3 days ago
  • Best story teller no cap

    Affinity_2kAffinity_2k3 days ago
  • If the colts drafted Leaf, Peyton Manning would have been a bust.

    PrinceCastroPrinceCastro3 days ago
    • U really think that?

      Noah LandsbergNoah Landsberg3 days ago
  • Great piece... solid ending talking about VALUE. As a society we throw stones at others but then suffer the same fate as we are torn down as well. Finding value in people is an exercise we can all practice.

    AmericaRexAmericaRex3 days ago
  • Man this coug would have been great😭

    Angel Avina-RamirezAngel Avina-Ramirez3 days ago
  • jawalwrus russle says hold my beer

    Vanessa VillanuevaVanessa Villanueva3 days ago
  • This guy talks too much

    Raph RomRaph Rom3 days ago
  • Great piece.

    letrbuc axbyczletrbuc axbycz3 days ago
  • Why does he keep calling Ryan “due?” Was that a nick name?

    teo delfuegoteo delfuego3 days ago
  • Your right about going back and rereading books that inspires you in order to keep knowledge fresh

    Alexander LopezAlexander Lopez3 days ago
  • The 1998 NFL Draft had the best college players to be drafted.

    stacks #2stacks #23 days ago
  • Swear I was looking at the thumbnail thinking what is Pop Smoke doing in this photo 😂

    Perris SmileyPerris Smiley3 days ago
  • As a WSU fan, seeing Leafs name pop up on tv or USworlds always makes me think “what did he do this time?” I’m glad you told his whole story, cause there are things in there I’d never heard before so it gives me a new perspective on the man.

    WolfStarkWolfStark3 days ago