(It Took All Of This For Him to Change) What Happened to Brandon Marshall?

Dec 19, 2020
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A Look back at WR Brandon Marshall's NFL Career.
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    • What happen to SHAUN ALEXANDER

    • Actually @FlemLo Raps , I must say your by far one of my favorite sport related story and content creators and one of the dopest content creators period.. cue the Wayne ..

      Get MoneyGet Money26 days ago
    • @Flemlo Raps Hey man what’s up? Are you from Cincinnati? Just wondering love your content it’s awesome but I’m worried about your video on Romo. I don’t think it will be incredibly horrible because I completely enjoy all your videos mostly because you are fair and honest. But I’m a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and unlike a lot of fans absolutely loved Tony Romo thought he was amazing and if he ever would have had the right people around him then they would have won multiple Super Bowls. Now in 2007 and 2009 they should’ve went to the super bowl especially 2007 they were the best in the NFC and because of Wade Phillips and horrible play calling they lost to a team they smoked 2 times in the regular season there was no excuse for that ever. Oh and 2014 wasn’t bad either. In my opinion for the amount of years he started his stats and just the records he broke and damn I mean the things that man did on the field he carried that team for 8 years. He’s a HOF in my book and if he had a little help he’d have that ring and be a 1st ballot HOFer. Anyways I’m going to watch your video on Romo and I imagine it will be great but ugh man the title?? Lmfao come on!!? “Did Tony Romo really suck?” You know he was amazing an Elite Quarterback he was an un drafted player I mean holy shit look how far he went. He’s light years better then his NFC East opponents Donavan Mcnabb SUCK! Eli Manning do I have to say it?? Less then mediocre and his career stats show it my god how did the Mr. Magoo of the NFL win two rings?? Then I don’t even have to mention redskins they I mean shit they ruined there future franchise quarterback’s career they are the browns of the NFC. anyways I don’t know if you’ll read this but I really enjoy your content your videos are awesome and they are not bias in anyway. Thank you FlemLo!!!

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    • Flemlo check out that college football revamped bro

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  • Imagine if 2012 Brandon was on first things first and Nick goes "that's just a stupid take" 💀

    SWSW4 hours ago
  • That’s dope how Kyle Shanahan hooked him up

    jcjc11 hours ago
  • He snitched on dude in that murder too and disrespected those crips

    Andre JohnsonAndre JohnsonDay ago
  • Who had to fight to get a meal? 👀💪🏾

    FolksNem TVFolksNem TV5 days ago
  • He was very brave to run out his house when heard gun shots.

    D MD M5 days ago
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    Suns10RuleSuns10Rule6 days ago
  • I have bpd and I understand these ups and downs lol 😂

    Likah SpiveyLikah Spivey6 days ago
  • He should have hired Olivia Pope or something because that statement was trash!!!! McDonald’s bag !!! 😂

    Likah SpiveyLikah Spivey6 days ago
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski6 days ago
  • Brandon is my favorite sports commentator.

    Sheldon GreenerSheldon Greener6 days ago
  • Brandon is def an inspiration to those In that path . It’s a man thing .

    RUBIXRUBIX8 days ago
  • Santonio is such a horrible name lol

    Austin TaylorAustin Taylor9 days ago
  • I remember what a total badass he was. I knew he had some troubles but never knew how personal they were. He could've been one of the best ever...

    Scott DonaldsonScott Donaldson9 days ago
  • “Rocky Point” Bro he got stabbed!!

    RiceKrispyBeefRiceKrispyBeef10 days ago
  • I love Brandon Marshall. It was so hype when he reunited with Jay in Chicago

    Jon MartinezJon Martinez10 days ago
  • Good stuff Flemlo, as always....I love Brandon

    Shelton BradshawShelton Bradshaw10 days ago
  • My favorite part is always "Cue da Wayne!"

    Graham WeitalaGraham Weitala11 days ago
  • So I remember Brandon being good but damn he was really good

    Lamar MillerLamar Miller11 days ago
  • Your content is 🔥🔥🔥

    Joel LiburdJoel Liburd11 days ago
  • He is my idle because I didn’t know I had a bipolar disorder and anxiety and sleep issues but it’s just there with me now I get it handled and have techniques to relax me. Love this channel

    Tanner JonesTanner Jones11 days ago
  • I couldn't imagine fame. I think it'd be very hard to come back from.

    Jeff BloomJeff Bloom11 days ago
  • Great video! 🙌🏽💪🏽🤙🏽

    miltatemiltate12 days ago
  • Ohhh. That's who the dude with dreds is! I've watched his show before, never knowing who Brandon actually was. He always has cool people on his podcast.

    Deidra FrazierDeidra Frazier12 days ago
  • I knew nothing about Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall’s friendship but hearing Flemlo talk about it and give it some perspective I’m glad he talked about it a little bit and that’s why I love football man, some of the bonds you form are strong bonds of brotherhood and relying on each other. I’m gonna search their friendship next. Seems a little comical too.

    Richard CisnerosRichard Cisneros12 days ago
  • This got me looking at Mcdonalds bags in a different light.

    Ashton OakAshton Oak12 days ago
  • & now he runs his mouth acting like he spent all this time with Russell Wilson 😂 & says our FO doesnt trust Russ. Brandon is a bitch.

    Swishas NKushSwishas NKush13 days ago
  • I've just binged a few of your videos and you are an excellent journalist.

    Yvonne MignonYvonne Mignon14 days ago
  • I really like Brandon Marshall!! We all have a past...and Brandon & Mische have gotten thru it...TOGETHER!!! I Am Athlete...is the best Podcast ever! I watch every week

    Tina JacksonTina Jackson16 days ago
  • You have a really good show Bro,great content.Peace and Blessings.

    T JacksonT Jackson16 days ago
  • A lot of these athletes have undiagnosed mental illnesses before things get to this point in their lives

    Renee NewtonRenee Newton17 days ago
  • I wasn’t aware of Brandon Marshal during his NFL career but since I have been watching the I Am Athlete podcast I literally love everything about this young man

    macey austinmacey austin18 days ago
  • He seems like a great guy

    Mya XMya X19 days ago
  • Chicago didn’t trade Marshall because of injuries he was a cancer in the locker room. That’s why he played for 4 different teams during his prime. He was a beast but also a problem

    Billy RenoBilly Reno20 days ago
  • I Am Athlete is the shit! Love that show❤

    feebabybluefeebabyblue22 days ago
  • Brandon Marshall became the first athlete I liked not for his performance on the field. I have never rooted for any team he been on but I found out about much of this while it was going on. Always thought this was dope as hell. He a real stand up guy and I have nothing but the up most respect for him.

    Dee WilsonDee Wilson22 days ago
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    Abby AlderAbby Alder23 days ago
  • I can't lie watching the Broncos for 44 yrs i can honestly say B-Marsh was hands down the BADDEST WR WE'VE EVER HAD!! And if it wasn't for issues he had in Denver...he could've been THE BADDEST WR IN NFL HISTORY...IMO!!!🤔😉🤑

    MR. BIG*SHOTMR. BIG*SHOT23 days ago
  • Good job covering his story!

    Jacqueline BJacqueline B23 days ago
  • They should make a movie based on Cutler and Marshal. So wholesome

    The ChadThe Chad24 days ago
  • Glad to see he stayed rich

    Jason's StormJason's Storm24 days ago
  • Lol pro bowlers get knocked out to

    Uncle RicoUncle Rico25 days ago
  • Oh no I see why he don’t like McDonald’s

    Flawless RoseFlawless Rose25 days ago
  • Flemlo!! If you did brandon you might as well make the well deserving video for this channel , THE 🐐chocinco

    New DuragNew Durag25 days ago
  • Yo! I love your content son! BTW, how bout a video on Jimmy Clausen? Good lookin out!

    Event Horizon 77Event Horizon 7725 days ago
  • Have you done one of these on Fred Jackson? Dude was living in a basement. I can't remember if it was his mom or grandma.

    Luis DunnLuis Dunn26 days ago
  • Hall of famer?

    Black IceBlack Ice27 days ago
  • Love the ricky williams part 😂😂 random but yeah

    Luchos ZLuchos Z27 days ago
  • Nobody keeps it realer than my boy FlemLo

    Luchos ZLuchos Z27 days ago
  • "You do not have to become perfect but you can become better" ...Bars !!

    1 two one 21 two one 227 days ago
  • I actually love Brandon marshall wish he would have played for the steelers. Love this show

    Richard CaputoRichard Caputo27 days ago
  • These should be mandatory tapes for every 'fan' that wants to rant on Monday like they have a clue. Players are people first, amazing athletes second and understanding the whole scenario in the way you do it makes the game more whole and enjoyable. Thanks again

    Stephen ShearinStephen Shearin27 days ago
  • People should try to understand that we dont all have the same starting points in life. Even two people that have similar starting points and skillsets will have 2 different outcomes 100% of the time. I think the measure of success isnt so much about what you accomplish, but what you have to overcome on your journey. That's what makes a feel good story that everyone loves.

    Joshua TraffanstedtJoshua Traffanstedt27 days ago
  • Marshall used to bump 'n grind Cutler 😂

    Cee MorCee Mor28 days ago
  • So he trip in the McDonalds bag twice and the second time he fall into a knife in the floor

    Brian BeltranBrian Beltran28 days ago
  • If he had a hall of fame QB he would have been one of the greatest

    James RogerzJames Rogerz29 days ago
  • 25min went by way too fast. Thats how you know this is some good content.

    Nunya DambidnisNunya Dambidnis29 days ago
  • Wow...he surrounded himself with poison...

    Della LynDella Lyn29 days ago
  • You gotta put all these ads and sponsors at the end man ... that's way too many

    Justin EdwardsJustin Edwards29 days ago
  • Bro you are definitely 100% best sports story teller on USworlds or any platform! Keep up that great work! ✌🏽✊🏾

    Bob M. Exodus77Bob M. Exodus7729 days ago
  • I absolutely love B. Marshall! He's very transparent and transformed. His podcast/ show, I Am Athlete is super cool. I love what he and his wife are doing to promote awareness for mental health. First time subscriber bro💙

    Toya JToya JMonth ago
  • Brandon really helped getting mental health a main issue in the NFL. I'm from Chicago, and I was so happy to have him play for the Bears. But, his issues became apparent, and I worried for him. For people who complain about his tv persona: BPD involves narcissism, uncertainty per social norms, and a tendency to get angry when when things "just don't go right". He's functiong well.

    Sarah WhiteSarah WhiteMonth ago
  • I’m only half way through this video but I had to stop it to tell you that your videos are second to none Flemlo. I feel like you are talking directly to me and the info blended with your delivery keeps me 100% dialed in. Outstanding work man!

    D ScrizzD ScrizzMonth ago
  • Lmao you ain’t have to put my mans in slowmo when you was calling him charming etc 🤣 I peep you boaaa

    Lawd AsaLawd AsaMonth ago
  • As long as he change. It's not how you start but how you finish... P ERIOD

    Pinky HarrisPinky HarrisMonth ago
  • I still love Brandon Marshall as a bears fan. I always sign him from FA in Madden and bring him back to the bears because he's a beast in that game.

    ConvexSpys 8335ConvexSpys 8335Month ago
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    Joysinglion89 Richard345Joysinglion89 Richard345Month ago
  • That shit right there happens all the time. Remember left eye burnt down Andre risen house?

    Frank LeeFrank LeeMonth ago
  • Don’t forget that the teamate that got shot up R.I.P, that was actually meant for Brandon after the club fight but they thought he was in the car in Denver. Needless to say he was caught up in Alot of stiff but I feel that always played a part in him turning his life around

    Slick RickSlick RickMonth ago
  • He has to have you on his podcast

    Tyler BrownTyler BrownMonth ago
  • I don't care about any of these topics -- but your video was recommended to me and now I am binge watching. You are a fantastic story teller. Thanks for the content!

    Eric ClemensEric ClemensMonth ago
  • He’s the worst talking head on that show.

    Altuve MickelsonAltuve MickelsonMonth ago
  • R.i.p Darrent Williams. Man it seem like yesterday sometime 😔. One of the coolest and laid back dudes that ever came out of fort worth, texas. I was a freshman and he was a senior in high school. He use to have the crowd going crazy at times.

    Bre SkinnerBre SkinnerMonth ago
  • Please, please do Josh Hamilton. I know you have never covered a baseball player, however his story is absolutely one you should tell. If you took a moment to look at it, FlemLo, you would see exactly what I mean. (1st overall pick, becomes addicted to crack (seriously), turns his life around and rejoins MLB, wins MVP, spirals downward)

    David Minor, The Death Shadow GuyDavid Minor, The Death Shadow GuyMonth ago
  • As a Bears fan, I miss the duo they had with Knox and Marshall (soon adding Jeffery) 😥

    Not My Regular EmailNot My Regular EmailMonth ago
  • Your videos are why I do my best not to cast judgement not only on athletes but people in general. I mean I try not to be judgmental but Im human, however watching these deep dives into people's lives and where they came from and what they had to deal with made me realize how narrow-minded I can be. I hope i can improve myself as much as Brandon did. Love your videos bro!

    Garrett PayneGarrett PayneMonth ago
  • whats the beat @ 5:30. its 🔥🔥🔥

    Roc MusikRoc MusikMonth ago
  • Crime in sports podcast just did an episode on him.

    Chris GastonChris GastonMonth ago
  • Love these videos I can’t sit and watch all day way better than espn to me

    Anthony DavisAnthony DavisMonth ago
  • He still a weirdo

    A TA TMonth ago
  • Jay cutler and Brandon marshall were so fun to watch as a broncos fan back then....dang josh mcdaniels screwed it all up haha

    Nerdy In Many WaysNerdy In Many WaysMonth ago
  • He is my absolute favorite WR ever

    Shane SheffShane SheffMonth ago
  • Im going to tell you, im a players fan in the nfl not really team fan, and Brandon Marshall was always one of my favorite players to watch, and grossly underrated WR, IMO , top 10 wr in nfl history

    Johnathan DebeauxJohnathan DebeauxMonth ago
  • Thought you was K shine from URL 🤣 🤣 🤣

    1motorcitychop1motorcitychopMonth ago
  • You’re ability to communicate from multiple perspectives, paired with your empathy for them... is special. Thank you. New subscriber in East Tennessee.

    levifolkslevifolksMonth ago
  • RIP DWill

    Timothy SisnerosTimothy SisnerosMonth ago
  • How can you not mention January 1st 2007 when Darrent Williams got shot and killed by bullets intended for Brandon Marshall. You'd think that would be a turning point for some people.

    James KochJames KochMonth ago
  • Man these boys go through it. Glad he got help.. Imagine if they don't have athletic talent smh.

    samsbro1952samsbro1952Month ago
  • Awesome story!!

    Ronnie ClarkRonnie ClarkMonth ago
  • You gotta love that brotherhood you have with some players when you play sports. Him and Cutler were chill. We had both on the Dolphins for one year contracts and they were entertaining to say the least. Can't imagine playing for the Jets though.

    TyTyMonth ago
  • He’s a baller but he’s a horrible analyst

    Israel RaiderIsrael RaiderMonth ago
  • Wonderful piece brother. I am happy that B. Marsh got the help he needed and turned his turned things around. And Brandon Marshall’s Podcast is really, really good . I listen to them often.

    Wilbur FosterWilbur FosterMonth ago
  • Recognizing and getting the help you need is commendable

    BBLongLegsBBLongLegsMonth ago
  • video starts at 4:00

    brandin guudebrandin guudeMonth ago
  • 2020 - Confronted security at his gated community because he didn't want to follow the identification rules. He hasn't changed.

    Nap McdanNap McdanMonth ago
  • your a straight up cool dude. you call it like it is without passing judgment . you dont kick guys when they are down. I prefer watching someone like you than any of the talking heads on TV. love your stuff brother

    Michael FraziaMichael FraziaMonth ago
  • loved him on the Jets...always loved his game

    Michael FraziaMichael FraziaMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Con10der Regime BoxingCon10der Regime BoxingMonth ago
  • So true

    lisa lundenlisa lundenMonth ago
  • Great story

    Arnold StricklandArnold StricklandMonth ago