This Former 2 Star Recruit is a Rising Star in the NFL! (The Inspiring Story Of Jonnu Smith)

Sep 9, 2020
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Meet NFL TE Jonnu Smith.


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    FlemLo RapsFlemLo Raps5 months ago
    • James robinson

      Ryan NaturaleRyan Naturale2 months ago
    • You're gonna be making a njoku soon. Man is built like a titan but nimble like a cat. Sad he broke his neck! Hoping he comes back like Jonnu

      tpalo34tpalo344 months ago
    • What happened to devonta freeman

      Official AgrellaOfficial Agrella5 months ago
    • You should do a series on teams that made a crazy upset in college and where some of the key guys ended up

      D DanielsonD Danielson5 months ago
    • Yo we need a what happened to mike Wallace

      zakaria osmanzakaria osman5 months ago
  • PEDs

    NihilTimendumEstNihilTimendumEst10 hours ago
  • Video suggestion; what happened to Deion sanders? If you have already did one I can’t find it

    D CD C2 days ago
  • I'm waiting for this man to smash this year. I agree as a fantasy football podcast guy I took alot of shots on him this past year he will be great in 2021.

    Joseph GlinesJoseph Glines3 days ago
  • The guiltless heat taxonomically overflow because warm preliminarily joke till a curious taxi. cooing, six iraq

    Yank EspinalYank Espinal8 days ago
  • I have him on my Madden Franchise w the bengals hes tuff

    Rowen OakserRowen Oakser11 days ago
  • You a g, these videos so good

    Ian EllieIan Ellie12 days ago
  • FlemLo be feelin himself on that queue the wayne... lol!

    Riverside GunnRiverside Gunn15 days ago
  • Can you do DERRICK HENRY

    Albert SantiagoAlbert Santiago18 days ago
  • Flemlo, I think you need to do a follow up on the "what happened to Antonio Brown" video now that he is a Superbowl champ.

    Jeff MejiasJeff Mejias18 days ago
  • Johnu is going to be a Bill next season. Bank on it

    DonnybrookDonnybrook22 days ago
  • Imagine a girl completely and potentially destroying your chances of making cause she feels bad...

    HarrisonHarrisonMonth ago
  • Those close up shot of him standing in the walkway of a stadium came from an interview on our channel. Be sure to check out as well as Jonnu came back to Philly to host a 7on7 tournament for the youth 💯

    YEA Sports MediaYEA Sports MediaMonth ago
  • The high school is actually called Westport High school . In Ocala FL . And when Jonnu was there the football Program was trash. And he was not the first D1 recruit . But you were close .

    Real_soleful_dudeReal_soleful_dudeMonth ago
  • too bad the Titans OL (tackles) after Lewans injury and Conklins departure in FA sucked so much.... he was asked to chip/block a lot

    EZ PZEZ PZMonth ago
  • Word play decent. "Even the most nimble of cats get tripped up chasing fast money"

    deeroystdeeroystMonth ago
  • Really liked this video. Rooting for him in the playoffs. Good bless 🙏

    J K 82J K 82Month ago
  • It's always such a pleasant surprise when any player from my Titans gets some shine. I'd love to see someone who's educated when it comes to football, such as yourself, give another one of my Titans some love in a video about AJ Brown.

    KW EntertainmentKW EntertainmentMonth ago
  • Great episode

    Keepyourjob KeepyourjobKeepyourjob Keepyourjob2 months ago
  • Yes he is now

    Daryl WatsonDaryl Watson2 months ago
  • Ay bruh u called this one

    RicoRico2 months ago
  • Having suddenly got into NFL your videos are amazing... just subscribed...keep it coming my guy top videos!!!!

    Gh0stGh0st2 months ago
  • Jonnu is a beast

    Logan RemhofLogan Remhof2 months ago
  • Definitely should check out Eric Wilson #50 for Minnesota, keep up the good work bro!!

    Dallas PruittDallas Pruitt2 months ago
  • Bruh Delanie was always slept on

    Skyler CanizalesSkyler Canizales2 months ago
  • Oh hell yeah. Jonnu is one of my favorite guys

    DeezR BonardsDeezR Bonards2 months ago
  • James robinson @FlemLo Raps

    Ryan NaturaleRyan Naturale2 months ago
  • Most underrated channel on USworlds . You could have a show on mainstream tv . Every video is top notch quality .

    Toby JamesToby James3 months ago
  • Flemlo man you inspired me to chase my dreams.

    Terrell AdamsTerrell Adams3 months ago
  • Great story about the struggle I’ll routing for Jonnu

    Jeffery GreeneJeffery Greene3 months ago
  • We all watch football and see the players but really know nothing about them as a person. I absolutely appreciate your backstory on them. It makes you want to root for some of them a little harder even if you are not a fan of the team they are on. Keep up the outstanding work!

    Hyabusa40Hyabusa403 months ago
  • Liking them angles mane.

    NaijaNaija3 months ago
  • Definitely a fan and he's been playing really good this year so far hope the best for him. Great video as always! Hope all is well.

    Blam Blam xBlam Blam x3 months ago
  • Yo bro ya videos really are dope and have helped me with my mental health during Quarantine, Thank You

    Allen The SkywalkerAllen The Skywalker3 months ago
  • Man. Coach Vrabel would be awesome to play for. Look at how damn happy he is for Jonnu after that td coming back from the mcl injury.

    Brandon LattaBrandon Latta3 months ago
  • This man rly lives the fresh prince of bel air 1st verse😂

    Angelo LAngelo L3 months ago
  • Jesus is king and our savior

    Yianni DourisYianni Douris3 months ago
  • Fuckin titans need to KEEP USING THIS MAN like they were at the beginning of the season! Damn Sincerely, frustrated titans fan

    A Abraham2615A Abraham26153 months ago
  • Bro. That's not an "immature" relationship. That's abuse.

    Evil EagleEvil Eagle3 months ago
  • That’s my fantasy tight end

    Xander MarienXander Marien3 months ago
  • Great story. Thank you for sharing. I will be looking for him from now on✊✊✊

    Charles Mcneil jrCharles Mcneil jr3 months ago

    Nicholas SharpNicholas Sharp3 months ago
  • That toss play was nasty. Henry and Jonnu could steamroll some NFL defenses if they committed to using him that way more often.

    4DhumanInstrumentality4DhumanInstrumentality3 months ago
  • He looks like Gucci Mane’s ultimate form.

    4DhumanInstrumentality4DhumanInstrumentality3 months ago
  • This mans neck tho

    Chewy SockChewy Sock3 months ago
  • Great video!! Been noticing Jonnu’s production over the past few seasons, good stuff. 👏🏽

    Chasen CambronChasen Cambron3 months ago
  • ✝️🙏🏻😊amen“For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”-Philippians 4:13

    Jackson YannuzziJackson Yannuzzi3 months ago
  • what’s the name of the beat in the background , somebody please help

    Corleone SoupCorleone Soup3 months ago
  • Finally someone who not sleeping on my boy

    ELi ReedELi Reed3 months ago
  • My boy on his way upppp 💰🔝

    woodyy kestayywoodyy kestayy3 months ago
  • When will we see flem with his own segment on some network? I don’t know but those of us who regularly enjoy this channel, we know what’s up. Dude is polished and a great story teller.

    Will AndrewsWill Andrews3 months ago
  • You are literally better than ESPN. KEEP IT UP BRO!!

    Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson3 months ago
  • The school was westport high not ocala port high

  • Everybody stay blessed and prayed up Yeshua love y’all

  • I went to highschool with bruh

  • Love your content bro, keep grinding

    Lamarr SuttonLamarr Sutton3 months ago
  • love jonnu smith man. good stuff

    Sayan AndrewsSayan Andrews4 months ago
  • 1,000th comment and I predicted him to breakout I got this man on my fantasy squads

    GNBGNB4 months ago
  • He's got 5 TDs through 6 gamses so far in 2020! God is good.

    randolph brownrandolph brown4 months ago
  • What does chew-we-way mean?

    High PriestHigh Priest4 months ago
  • This guy needs to be on espn

    Jacob KroneJacob Krone4 months ago
  • I became a fan of him after picking him up in Fantasy last year. This year I got him on both of my teams.

    Rave YeeZusRave YeeZus4 months ago
  • What happened to (WR) Roy Williams?

    diypicturesdiypictures4 months ago
  • Use to watch Smith play at FIU. Paws up!

    YouTube NomadYouTube Nomad4 months ago
  • Flem! Your advertising good products and delivering the truth!!!!!!

    Raymond ClemetsonRaymond Clemetson4 months ago
  • How tall are you bro?

    EthanEthan4 months ago
  • Told all my friends about you. Your story telling is outstanding. Even enjoy stories about athletes I don’t know or am familiar with. 👍🏽😊

    Keith MorrisKeith Morris4 months ago
  • My grandpa had a house like 5 mins from that Ocala high

    Eli LyndEli Lynd4 months ago
  • Flemo needs an Emmy great Jonu

    Lee CeeLee Cee4 months ago
  • Crazy how a dude that big and athletic can somehow be so overlooked. Coaches and teams will see that body type alone and covet it. Girls is crazy tho man

    Tj AndersonTj Anderson4 months ago
  • I remember when you had 100k going strong💪🏼💪🏼

    Sprint FishingSprint Fishing4 months ago
  • Wait... he got sent to Philly to live with his aunt?? It’s like Fresh Prince in reverse lol

    Trevor MasonTrevor Mason4 months ago
  • He was my favorite TE last year - but dude is on PEDs as well

    The World is a StageThe World is a Stage4 months ago
  • TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!!

    Without A Word MimeWithout A Word Mime4 months ago
  • You called it bro. Got him on my fantasy this year and he’s going off

    Jalen JacksonJalen Jackson4 months ago
  • Que da Wayne!

    Luxe LuceLuxe Luce4 months ago
  • You nailed it with Jonnu- he is having a great season so far this year and is on the verge - hoping my Titans can sign him long term

    Jason HarperJason Harper4 months ago
  • 5 weeks into the 2020 season Smith has top teir TE stats

    TJ JrTJ Jr4 months ago
  • Great video keep them rolling

    Donnie DeLeonDonnie DeLeon4 months ago
  • I remember this story n thinking wtf I forgot all about this story, glad you picked this story up

    Spice The BearSpice The Bear4 months ago
  • Juiced to the gills i love it.

    backyard blissbackyard bliss4 months ago
  • I'm not sure if there is enough material but do you think you would ever make a vid with the Shenault brothers (Laviska and La'Vontae)?

    Isaias BeltranIsaias Beltran4 months ago
  • I had drafted Jonnu in both my leagues before this video came out. He was my sleeper of the year! So far, 4 games in he’s got 18 grabs for 221 and 5 TDs!! Had to rewatch this video!! Keep up the great work Flemlo!

    jsnike91jsnike914 months ago
  • Bro I tore my meniscus my senior season of HS. I didn’t care to get it looked at, I think I played 4 games on it. Then finally around the Christmas break once it wasn’t better I thought “hmmm. Might wanna get this checked out.” 😂

    Austin AldridgeAustin Aldridge4 months ago
  • I might as well get to know my fantasy players

    HolybudHolybud4 months ago
  • Fam this one of the dopest channels i came across in so long! ✊🏽

    Moe RamadanMoe Ramadan4 months ago

    orangeandwhiteGBO •orangeandwhiteGBO •4 months ago
  • FlemLo is my favorite USworlds football commentator or analyst ig

    Bryson CaffeyBryson Caffey4 months ago
  • great channel...excellent production...uplifting and thought-provoking information

    Kenneth HowellKenneth Howell4 months ago
  • Nobody gonna ask what happened to his girlfriend that poured boiling water on him... ya know aggravated battery girl? CHARGES DROPPED. Remember that the next time you see a player slap the shit out of some dumb bitch.

    mojoridenmojoriden4 months ago
  • do one on mike gesicki bro pleased

    Charles AdamsCharles Adams4 months ago
  • bro when you said he had a prolific college career so I thought you were abkut to say some insane number but he had mediocre regular nimber but they were great fir missing almost a whole season

    Charles AdamsCharles Adams4 months ago
  • Lets go FIU

    Denzel MorrowDenzel Morrow4 months ago
  • Holy crap! I remember reading this article on ESPN! Didn’t realize it was about this guy

    Kevin NebekerKevin Nebeker4 months ago
  • Why do great athletes always attract the craziest ppl

    Keyser SozeKeyser Soze4 months ago
  • Jonnunnaki

    FRxDispatch GamingFRxDispatch Gaming4 months ago
  • God dang! Shavin' nutz and crazy hot water burnin' girlfriend....... Flemlo, this is almost too much for me.

    Jeff D.Jeff D.4 months ago
  • Do a video on mo aly cox

    Connor GoodmanConnor Goodman4 months ago
  • Great video as always FlemLo

    Mike LarryMike Larry4 months ago
  • Yo your videos are so fucking awesome

    Orcvs IvstitiaOrcvs Ivstitia4 months ago