Undrafted NFL Rookie Just Threw Away All His Hard Work!

Aug 13, 2020
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Undrafted NFL Rookie Kimah Siverand may have just thrown his career away for a ridiculous reason.

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  • Update: He was arrested for illegal racing. 😬

    dat boidat boi5 days ago
  • He was just arrested for street racing 😐

    Daryl Gerardo Herrera AlmaguerDaryl Gerardo Herrera Almaguer5 days ago
  • This was short

    Dreskie VilleDreskie Ville24 days ago
  • That's what happens when you think with the little head.

    its meits meMonth ago
  • 1:15 😂😂

    ColeColeMonth ago
  • And that kids is how much your mother lol

    Cristhian TorresCristhian TorresMonth ago
  • & Kimah on the Raiders team now

    Meredith ButtlerMeredith ButtlerMonth ago
  • 2:27 is a picture of Justice Hill who now plays RB for the Ravens

    Meredith ButtlerMeredith ButtlerMonth ago
  • He got with the raiders

    Ydc AguYdc AguMonth ago
  • He put nobody at risk as there is no virus driving the fake 'demic.

    Toby StevensToby StevensMonth ago
  • Well luckily he gets a second chance with the raiders practice squad

    Neil CrawfordNeil CrawfordMonth ago
  • He should marry that girl to make this worth it...J/k!

    AltoValSolAltoValSol2 months ago
  • This guy was not Focus at all. The women will always be there. Get your own place and then do what you want from there. Unfortunately Not every athlete mature.

    riquellanosriquellanos2 months ago
  • Almost thought you were covering preston parker here...lol...

    Winston JamesWinston James2 months ago
  • Seahawks Management stupid..

    IconhulkIconhulk2 months ago
  • We need to see that girl because she’s got to be hot to get into his brain like that. He obviously banked on getting a warning.

    R. William CommR. William Comm2 months ago
  • Do Sammie Coates

    darrington evansdarrington evans3 months ago
  • Dude plays for the Raiders now. He made a dumb mistake like most young men.

    Steve LoringSteve Loring3 months ago
  • And now he’s a raider

    RagequitgamingRagequitgaming3 months ago
  • My man Kemah just got his spot tho!!!!!

    Austin EggersAustin Eggers3 months ago
  • I would like to know how he completed that many summer credits. It’s honestly not possible for the everyday student. Most likely he got a whole lot of “help”. Didn’t deserve the big payday. Audios.

    Gunshow605Gunshow6053 months ago
    • Who cares. Now hes a Raider and is a perfect fit after this incident

      JosayJosay3 months ago
  • dam all that work

    PB42189PB421893 months ago
  • Hey, Flemlo and them think it's the white man though. It's the boogie man. I like how he has that Wayne intro, who rocks with Trump.

    Charlie GuwopCharlie Guwop3 months ago
  • Looks like he has another shot with the Raiders.

    Brownsfan32Brownsfan323 months ago
  • I blame white society

    Christopher LenzChristopher Lenz3 months ago
  • I'm so sick of covid making someone's actions seem worse. It time to get over it and start acting like adults and not frightened children. They lie to us about how many people have died because of covid and it's all because the money given to treat covid patients. It's too tempting for even good people

    Pete WarsinskePete Warsinske3 months ago
  • Raiders just picked him up!!!!

    smiles32 32smiles32 324 months ago
  • Just got signed by the raiders

    ChuyyChuyy4 months ago
  • Just Got signed to practice squad for the Raiders

    Ignacio Medina JrIgnacio Medina Jr4 months ago
  • He got sign to ma team LV hope he comes threw for us cause we sucking right now on D smfh sigh

    SamSam4 months ago
  • Let’s see how he does as a Raider... glad he got a second shot.

    ToddTodd4 months ago
  • looks like he got another shot....I hope he takes this chance and runs with it....not because Im a Raider...but because he could change the lives of many generations of his family and others...GOOD LUCK!

    Vegas RaiderVegas Raider4 months ago
  • Raiders just got him let’s see how this goes Raiders already having COVID issues someone bringing in females to the team hotel ain’t no good. Hopefully he doesn’t ruin this shot...

    FreddFredd4 months ago
  • Welcome to the Raiders ☠️☠️🔥

    JosayJosay4 months ago
  • I feel bad for bro even tho it was his fault

    Escobar RichEscobar Rich4 months ago
  • You spoke this into existence, the Tennessee Titans whole squad sick 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Bradley HarrisBradley Harris4 months ago
  • Now the Seahawks are feeling that pain, pick this boy back up for depth. He will get another chance. Get your agent to get you some track meets, 100, 200 and some long jump. You be alright.

    Mr. C73Mr. C734 months ago
  • He should still get a chance

    Reggie JamesReggie James4 months ago
  • P**sy make a man do straaaaaaange things. -Rodger Rabbit

    GodzillaGodzilla4 months ago
  • Dang, I'm new to the channel. I enjoy the way you tell all the back stories. Thanks for the video.

    Rick jobsRick jobs4 months ago

    gravesggravesg4 months ago
  • Its pretty easy to see why these guys dont get paid because they have large brains and intellects.

    TanManTanMan4 months ago
  • Easy to say "What a fool!" but I've done dumber stuff, especially to do with my pride or with a woman I couldn't resist. Then again, I never got picked up by an NFL team. I'm guessin' he gave his all and thought he had it made. I've made similar sacrifices to achive good/great things, and then let down, later.

    Harry MillsHarry Mills4 months ago
  • Shows a picture of Justice Hill for no reason

    Pinhead LarryPinhead Larry4 months ago
  • People. Are responsible For their own Lives ...???

    RaRa4 months ago
  • Imagine working that hard and trading it for one night with a girl u probably never gunna talk to again.

    Brady JBrady J4 months ago
  • Please someone coach the boy. If he can do 25 hours in the summer session. He should have a future in business, education whatever he wants.

    Larry HandLarry Hand5 months ago
  • Exactly what Sherman did...receiver to corner...

    iSLaND CHiEFiSLaND CHiEF5 months ago
  • He is not a team player.

    R L MR L M5 months ago
  • Jackass of the day

    Victor RVictor R5 months ago
  • Birds should pick him up

    alec balec b5 months ago
  • He was just tryna get some play

    Jakob RileyJakob Riley5 months ago
  • Constructive criticism: you have a lot of impressionable youth watching your show, use proper English. You'll' look more professional. Love your show.

    Rob The SlobRob The Slob5 months ago
  • There Isint much to say about this😖. One mans mistake is another mans opportunity

    TrueBlue403TrueBlue4035 months ago
  • They could have used him against the patriots.

    villamexxvillamexx5 months ago
  • Bs do thee research look at the cdc numbers

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez5 months ago
  • Salt peter only costs a couple bucks at the pharmacy.

    on the rocks with salton the rocks with salt5 months ago
  • Integrity issue...can’t be trusted to do THE RIGHT thing when nobody is around. Just can’t hand someone like that a check with zeros on it. 6 months at Taco Bell will fix that whole situation.

    marcus lakermarcus laker5 months ago
  • How tall or big was this woman that he thought she could pass for a football player, even a receiver or corner back?

    Steve BennettSteve Bennett5 months ago
  • Gonna be dumb you gotta be tough. Expensive piece of arse there.

    Mike LliterasMike Lliteras5 months ago
  • Personnal responsibility, the critical element for every successful life.

    Michael WojcickiMichael Wojcicki5 months ago
  • He’s obviously thinking with the wrong head!!

    Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson5 months ago
  • Lol Hearing all of that makes it even worse 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Harajuku3000Harajuku30005 months ago
  • Like my elders and ancestors used to say book sense is one thing common sense is an entirely different animal common sense is another thing also speaking from my point of view my perspective which it really doesn't matter but from what I see both of them are to blame because if you have a female willing to help you risk destroying your future she's not worth having around anyway she knew it was a pandemic lockdown she knew everything and was fully aware of the Coronavirus get to put this man's career and safety in jeopardy by partaking and lewd Behavior if you love him stay away from him especially during training camp so with that said her intentions were sort of jaded also🍷🍸✌

    johnny tatejohnny tate5 months ago
  • Someone told him “hey THINK with your head nothing else!” That person didn’t specify what head he was talking about!! Hahaha hope you got what you was looking for that night and that decision was worth it for you cause doesn’t seem like it was! Use your other head the one that supposed to have a brain in it!

    HowzitHowzit5 months ago
  • All over a piece of ass smh

    Sammy SamSammy Sam5 months ago
  • Definitely a dumb move but I don't think he should have been cut especially for some pandemic that doesn't even really exist

    Super NovaSuper Nova5 months ago
  • She prolly had some fiya...

    Cliff JohnsonCliff Johnson5 months ago
  • This pandemic shit weak y’all can’t be taking ppl rights away buck that

    D CruznD Cruzn5 months ago
  • What? WHAT??? *facepalm*

    Tarot Kat ReadingsTarot Kat Readings5 months ago
  • Stop with the deadly virus farce. The emperor has no clothes, and most intelligent people know it but are being forced to comply with a bunch of dumb policies that wouldn't solve anything even if this virus was causing thousands of deaths.

    Björn BjörkBjörn Björk5 months ago
  • It’s all about the decisions we make but I hope he has another opportunity.

    Ossie ROssie R5 months ago
  • I love how is name is Flemo raps and he talks about everything other than rapping 🙂

    mist.mist.5 months ago
  • Par for the course.

    Pat FlibottePat Flibotte5 months ago
  • Truly, a man's bone is his hassle.

    Johnny ElizabethtonJohnny Elizabethton5 months ago
  • 49ers should sign him

    Phillip MacravisPhillip Macravis5 months ago
  • I think I'd commit suicide if I never gotta another shot at the league

    MARKO W.MARKO W.5 months ago
  • Hormone driven decision we regret. Good lord no truer words ever spoken!!

    John RileyJohn Riley5 months ago
  • Its par for the course.

    Mr. JamesMr. James5 months ago
  • See him selling Crack on the corner.....bro

    Donald RaderDonald Rader5 months ago
  • Ha Ha He so smart! Probably come back and say it was due to racism, Fool that he was...or still is.

    John SmithJohn Smith5 months ago
  • So much for self control

    Michael DigbyMichael Digby5 months ago
  • We all take stupid risks when we're young, how many of the people who'll decide this boy's future just never got caught?

    Steve MorrisSteve Morris5 months ago
  • If someone gives him another shot he will be the best corner that ever put on a uniform? That’s a guy who goes after what he wants a believes in his ability.

    budman30kbudman30k5 months ago
  • Lmao he deserves it why choose thot over millions.

    100kviews views100kviews views5 months ago
  • he passed so he is not stupid but he is immature

    Billy BobBilly Bob5 months ago
  • anyone got a pic of the girl he was trying to bring through? she better be one of the hottest women of the planet for this guy to even risk it

    Shaun DizShaun Diz5 months ago
  • Honestly, that was a bad choice but, watching this dude run drills, somebody's probably going to give him another chance. I mean, he wanted to get with a lady and that's probably the most minor offense even though the way he went about it was down. Everyone deserves a second chance and this dude looks like he can ball out.

    john-carlos ynostrozajohn-carlos ynostroza5 months ago
  • deserves it

    cpt191021cpt1910215 months ago
  • This one sucks cause I saw it when the Hawks released him. Is Hawk fans didn’t even get a chance to see him play! Dude looks like he could have some good skills to!! That’s to bad! Hopefully Pete will bring him back to the Practice Squad in a bit.. of course that depends on if he impressed Pete at all during his time! 🤷🏽‍♂️

    J. CoderJ. Coder5 months ago
  • This is not a career ending decision.

    David HoffmannDavid Hoffmann5 months ago
  • Niggas man ,niggas

    fer504ifyfer504ify5 months ago
  • your intro sucks but enjoy the content.

    I LeeI Lee5 months ago
  • His decision came from a place of privilege.

    Jason PopielarczykJason Popielarczyk5 months ago
  • Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Good luck.🙏

    NavmccNavmcc5 months ago
  • She better have been worth it I feel bad for him, maybe he can play on another team one day of he stays committed, talent and hard work shows

    StevenP 91StevenP 915 months ago
  • What happened to Shea Patterson? Wasn't he being looked at as a 1st round draft pick like 4 years ago?

    Johnny MorenoJohnny Moreno5 months ago
  • I can see the headline: NFL Rookie booted for some Nookie

    friscokid21friscokid215 months ago
  • Simp

    kevii ._.kevii ._.5 months ago
  • 5 year career gone for 5 sec. of sensation.

    Fizz BrewFizz Brew5 months ago
    • One of the funniest things I've seen

      Zarze99Zarze995 months ago