What Happened to LeGarrette Blount? (His One Of a Kind NFL Career Will NEVER Be Duplicated)

Dec 12, 2020
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  • Lowkey impressed with the angle switches

    HeHe-BigT On ps4HeHe-BigT On ps44 hours ago
  • Totally forgot he was the dude who dropped that guy

    amateuracademy1amateuracademy120 hours ago
  • he went to my old high school wtfffff

    Cade LCade L20 hours ago
  • He's a reefer smoking bum . Him bell and brown messed up the Steelers with their antics. A punk sucker punches and runs away like a little b$$$$$

    Kenneth HoldenKenneth Holden3 days ago
  • I hope he is able to get voted in the HOF for his big time contributions in post season play. Because he isnt close to all time records, he should still be a HOF inductee Gotta love his ability to overcome his own mistakes and I am just glad he went ahead and shaved his hair off...as a fellow bald man. It's hard to watch other follicle challenged men grow long hair in the back. It looks like they are holding on to something they no longer have. Hopefully, with that awesome hair you got on top of your thinker you'll never know.

    Robert MosherRobert Mosher4 days ago
  • I love a story of redemption. Fisher was a good coach. Just not someone who can coach at the pro level.

    Robert MosherRobert Mosher4 days ago
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    Cleo Brogan ChandleyCleo Brogan Chandley4 days ago
  • This dudes amazing. I hope he finds a way to make TPS (Total Piece of Shit) channel to disappear with facts and knowledge like he presents it. Hats off to you my man! Keep up the good work!

    Lydon LafitteLydon Lafitte5 days ago
  • You mean AFC championship...

    Lee RandleLee Randle5 days ago
  • Excellent job!

    Stevie T.Stevie T.6 days ago
  • In the future, will you do a “whatever happened to KEEP?”. Eagerly waiting for it!

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim6 days ago
  • What a message Blount sends. I love it. Dont control your emotions and do whatever you want and get high as much as you want and you'll become a superbowl champ. Let's go!

    Victor HardinVictor Hardin6 days ago
    • I’m not sure that’s why the message is at all. But aight.

      Ferra TorrFerra Torr6 days ago
  • best undrafted running back of all time?

    Jack EberhardJack Eberhard6 days ago
  • “And down goes howl THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY KEEPS

    Double O ProductionsDouble O Productions7 days ago
  • that d-lineman deserved that tbh

    BlaseBlase8 days ago
  • You do a great job brother👍🏾

    Michael NapierMichael Napier9 days ago

    Homer Matthew JohnsonHomer Matthew Johnson9 days ago
  • just punch people when you get mad....ok

    Iggy 9919Iggy 99199 days ago
  • Man litterally was running 4.4s in his sleep and houseshoes

    Ashton OakAshton Oak13 days ago
  • Well now i want a what happened to Jyir the QB who takled Blount. That was the person. The one who said imma put myself on the line to save my teammate. Thats some Tom Brady type leadership. We need you bro. I hope they are still friends and talk

    Ashton OakAshton Oak13 days ago
  • That Aaliyah shirt is dope bro 🤞🏾

    Jamal KpotoJamal Kpoto13 days ago
  • To think my Auburn team missed him 😔

    ItzFade ッItzFade ッ14 days ago
  • That was a great piece man 👍👍👍

    Phil WilliamsPhil Williams14 days ago
  • I was a Blount fan. Tough football player

    James DelaneyJames Delaney15 days ago
  • Great video thanks for sharing.

    Nene IzzyNene Izzy17 days ago
  • Bet that guy will never talk shit then stupidly look away. That was a street lesson well deserved. And....that's how most of us learned about that kind of thing. Never take your eye off your opponent, and know your distances. God Bless us all....and may we all strive to get better in life.

    Joel EwingJoel Ewing17 days ago
  • I caught someone with a right like that before I didn't get drafted I got 6 months in county

    Rich L.Rich L.18 days ago
  • Wtf is on flems head

    matt johnsonmatt johnson18 days ago
  • Talk shit, you might get punched in the mouth

    James DelaneyJames Delaney18 days ago
  • My boy was dating a stripper who got pregnant, and after she found out it wasnt Blount's kid(this was during his time in N.E) she tried to convince my boy it was his. She only kept it for the thought of a check and ended up selling the kid later anyhow.

    Mike FantasiaMike Fantasia19 days ago
    • Uh what

      I am ArbiterI am Arbiter17 days ago
  • Bruh no way you're almost 33

    Bryan GreenBryan Green21 day ago
  • I love the way you narrate and the story’s! Your one of my favorites my g!! Keep it up 💯💯

    johnny jonesjohnny jones21 day ago
  • You can say he can think just this year but at the same time he can think Bill Belichick he's diverse cultural really believed in him at least at the pro level as a patriot fan I got nothing but respect for the man his members couldn't even been better heading that played with Tom Brady in New England being a passing offense if you want to let the Patriots you may have had a even better numbers overall he still had a good prayer when you think about it

    jim bobjim bob21 day ago
  • Seeing LGB in the nfl was not surprising, not a flashy rb but he was in the right place at the right time.

    Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam22 days ago
  • Wonderfully in depth analysis my dude put espn to shame

    Doctor DoodlesDoctor Doodles22 days ago
  • I saw that game where he knocked that dude out, I'm not condoning his actions, but I understand and knew he was screwed because if I remember right that was a nationally televised game, I thought the punishment was a little much. Glad it worked out for him, dude seemed to always come through in big games in the pro's. I did learn one thing, he went undrafted, did not know that.

    icemuleicemule23 days ago
  • God had him the whole time🙏🏿💯

  • The pats made it to the NFC championship game you dumb

    Matty BrodaMatty Broda23 days ago
  • I always rooted for LeGarrette. Glad he found success!

    Eric KlinkEric Klink23 days ago
  • Lol wait! It shows how much of a angry Lions fan I am... I didn’t even realize he was on the squad 😂😂😂

    Rodney SandersRodney Sanders24 days ago
  • We breed beast running backs in florida

    Trucker PTrucker P24 days ago
  • Good for him!!!! Great story!!!

    1lastkast1lastkast24 days ago
  • Those combine numbers pretty good for a RB who is 240LB's. Yes, there are guys 260-270LB's who can run 4.4's, so they aren't "freak of nature" numbers, but, if I were NFL scout, as long as he had good lateral speed, and smooth hip transition, I'd be high on him tbh.

    Marc RoverMarc Rover25 days ago
  • Great question to ask. I remember watching this live on television.

    Lawrence Robinson Jr.Lawrence Robinson Jr.25 days ago
  • U said nfc champion ship patriots in the afc

    geauxdlogeauxdlo25 days ago
  • #1 quote," u seek trouble, u get trouble"....deal with it!!!! But Blount needed this for him to have a great career, plus he started the leaping in the NFL as well!!!

    VINCENT ColemanVINCENT Coleman26 days ago
  • You should audioBooks bro. Great content

    chilonje phirichilonje phiri26 days ago
  • I've only seen four videos but this is now my favorite sports channel. Amazing work!

    Gerald GuidryGerald Guidry26 days ago
  • I love how in depth he goes. Great USworldsr Great research

    boss boomerboss boomer27 days ago
  • Only running back to ever to lead the NE Patriots to the ‘NFC’ championship‼️ He is truly a special player.

    Reclaiming Manhood WadeReclaiming Manhood Wade27 days ago
  • Philly likes him but I think most of Philadelphia still thinks about what he did

    alyssa hauptalyssa haupt27 days ago
  • He shouldn't have touched Blount.... That was an assault. Blount defended himself.

    Lovetron LawrenceLovetron Lawrence27 days ago
  • Rules are rules. Whether it was a love tap or crush his head with your helmet. Sometimes people who control the money don't want to risk the investment on anger management. Pay to win games not counseling sessions. Sorry bud. In the end Blount goes NFL .... Hout goes where? More painful than a punch in the face. Control your mouth. Control your anger. Prove it on the field then compare numbers. $$

    KavikaKavika27 days ago
  • This man be telling some good ass football stories, dam ges good at what he do...real talk..

    antonia brantleyantonia brantley27 days ago
  • That hit was crazy to the face

    Hot SauceHot Sauce27 days ago
  • U be killing these sponsorships dawg

    Matthew LaneMatthew Lane27 days ago
  • LaGarrett Blount with all of his flaws is one of my favorite players!!!

    Jody VincentJody Vincent27 days ago
  • I bet he's borderline personality disorder.i know I have same issues. Instantly feeling bad

    Johnny Lorin PalmerJohnny Lorin Palmer28 days ago
  • FlemLo for president, the only guy making any sense in 2021. Great vid, thanks.

    Lance LeavittLance Leavitt28 days ago
  • The dude called him a n%$$* and Blount basically confirmed this on Pat McAfee show. He also apologized immediately and the dude from Boise never did. None of that was ever published in the media. I met the dude in Tampa and couldn't have been nicer man.

    zach suttonzach sutton28 days ago
    • I doubt he said that. Don’t believe for 1 second. Tons of people around and no one else heard it?

      SpiderMonkeyNutsSpiderMonkeyNuts27 days ago
  • Hoyt got dropped like the Wi-Fi at a tiki bar 😂

    Cee MorCee Mor28 days ago
  • Talk s*** get split.

    Richard RoyRichard Roy29 days ago
  • NFL and College Coachs love a mean streak.

    Ryan SchulerRyan SchulerMonth ago
  • I felt like that punch out Blount on the map.

    Ryan SchulerRyan SchulerMonth ago
  • 6:44 just gonna lay this in on this image... Go Mocs!

    TheDixieNutjobTheDixieNutjobMonth ago
  • Afc*

    AQVAQVMonth ago
  • "Q the Wayne"__ in the intro, you have a line that says "story is the fundamental instrument of.." and then I can't see the last word. jw how the sentence ends? bored obviously

    Perry moorePerry mooreMonth ago
  • You have the chops to work for any radio, tv station or sports network. You handle tough topics really really well. I'd love to hear you narrate an ESPN 30 episode.

    Tony MollickTony MollickMonth ago
  • Blount is the best NE running back of all time. Sorry Dillon, and Martin, but as a die hard pats fan I’ll die on that hill.

    drampabaydrampabayMonth ago
  • It’s crazy man, this dude was really an underrated back his entire career. Seems like I always got him late in my fantasy leagues and dude could be inked in for 1k yards and 10 plus TD’s every year.

    Mike PeiferMike PeiferMonth ago
  • Former Patriot 💪

    Matt GMatt GMonth ago
  • i saw the aaliyah shirt and i immediately hit like

    visionsofpromisevisionsofpromiseMonth ago
  • Why you didn't get that Keeps for TTripp for christmas

    Ja BoJa BoMonth ago
  • He needed that punch

    Ja BoJa BoMonth ago
  • Idk how he got into my suggestions but ion regret it 🦾

    Dreskie VilleDreskie VilleMonth ago
  • Eagles fan here "Light the Blount!"

    Alfonso sAlfonso sMonth ago
  • He flushed that man 👊🏾

    Niccolo MachiavelliNiccolo MachiavelliMonth ago
  • Great storytelling!!!

    Jeremy SillsJeremy SillsMonth ago
  • Look at his stance when he fight you can tell he from da hood🤣

  • Now he's going for his 4th ring.

  • I wonder if he will make the hall of fame ?

    Steven TSteven TMonth ago
  • How did the Patriots and Blount make it to the NFC Championship game?

    popejoeiipopejoeiiMonth ago
  • Does he say cue dawayne or cue lil wayne or cue da plane?

    Fungal CreamFungal CreamMonth ago
  • Blount one of my fav running backs for my squad Tampa him and yo do one on Cadillac williams

    adam christneradam christnerMonth ago
  • When I think of good classic youtube content, Flemlo comes to mind. Love your content dude.

    Blazed Gaming KRBlazed Gaming KRMonth ago
  • As usual very well done. Love your work keep it up

    Porter MayfieldPorter MayfieldMonth ago
  • I’m new to your sports videos, you do a really good job. I can tell you love the game, did you play ? I’m def subbing, well done bro.

    Adam ArsenaultAdam ArsenaultMonth ago
  • B. State dude should’ve expected tht and he looked like he got laid out by a love tap lol glass jaw I guess 🤦🏽‍♂️

    luke codereluke codereMonth ago
  • Blount is still one of my favorite RBs the Bucs have had, I’m always happy when we have a physical downhill runner like Blount was with the team.

    Jesse WhittJesse WhittMonth ago
  • Blount is a stud running back and had an excellent career. I'm glad he was able to overcome his demons and reign in his anger. That being said I was born raised and still live in Boise and have been a Broncos fan since I can remember. I graduated from BSU in 2003, I knew Hout through some friends and family members. He deserved to get popped in the mouth. He was always running that thing and couldn't back it up either. How'd his NFL career go? Oh that's right never even got a try out. There was a couple times I wanted to punch him in the mouth. I'd like to shake Blount's hand.

    GW SmithGW SmithMonth ago
  • Your channel is solid, keep up the great work 👍

    Ricky SpanishRicky SpanishMonth ago
  • Watching LB run was one of the most exciting times I've had while being a Bucs fan. Dude use to truck and leap over defenders with ease. He was so fun to watch!! Wish we resigned him.

    B-DuB 813B-DuB 813Month ago
  • Feel dumb for not watching this one sooner, Bro had a helluva story💯

    Fpowell02Fpowell02Month ago
  • What's the name of the opening and closing music? So good

    Antoine SauzeAntoine SauzeMonth ago
  • 20:15 "The Patriots made it to the NFC Championship game." Patriots are in the AFC.

    Michael TurnerMichael TurnerMonth ago
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    peepso escamillapeepso escamillaMonth ago
  • Come on man , buddy felt no remorse. He was in damage control.

    leopardfrog67leopardfrog67Month ago
  • Love your videos Flemlo you have the best most interesting videos on USworlds about sports! I wish you were a Browns fan so you would do videos on old and current Browns plus weeklys during season but its all good. Love the videos you do! Keep up the good work!

    Draidon BarkerDraidon BarkerMonth ago
  • No money and bad grades. No problem. Attend Auburn. $$$. Hmmmm.

    trmtrmMonth ago
  • “6’2” in high school 6’ at pro day lol

    BigPapaDaveBigPapaDaveMonth ago