What Happened To Plaxico Burress? (Accidentally Tainted His Own Legacy)

Jan 30, 2021
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Plaxico Burress gets forgotten about in NFL history. But he was truly one of the best WRs I've ever watched. He mad an unfortunate mistake that took his career in a different direction. Today we take a look back.
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    FlemLo RapsFlemLo Raps28 days ago
    • Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

      Richard JonesRichard Jones2 days ago
    • No biggie, but it says he had 13 targets and 11 receptions in NFC championship.

      jesse krusselljesse krussell10 days ago
    • Simon ese

      John CharlieJohn Charlie12 days ago
    • Big big fan .. Love tha work bro .. keep it up!!

      Tomas GTomas G20 days ago
    • Hey, I never make recommendations but could you look at Howard Stevens. Played for the Saints in the 70s and still tied at 5'5" for the NFL record for shortest player to score a touchdown. I would love to hear you tell his story...

      Mr DudeMr Dude22 days ago
  • He didn't get to be a sports broadcaster like everyone else?

    Callie DuvalCallie DuvalHour ago
  • Probation, not allowed to own a fire arm for a while? a few years? maybe 3-5 years?

    Thomas NealeThomas Neale15 hours ago
  • In his case, he should have been placed on probation AND required gun handling class AND teach a gun handlers' class while monitored by an expert.

    The Tillman Sneaker ReviewThe Tillman Sneaker Review16 hours ago
  • That was the best Manscaped ad I've ever heard! Valentine's Day..... This'll come in clutch!🤣🤣🤣 ain't lyin!

    Nate SotoNate SotoDay ago
  • Don’t need a permit to buy or own a gun in FL, nor is there a registration. You do need a permit to carry a gun concealed, though a FL permit is not recognized in NY. So it wouldn’t matter if it was expired. Love your shows. Gun registration will lead to confiscation.

  • Ridiculous. Two years for shooting himself. Not really fair.

    Richard on DauntlessRichard on DauntlessDay ago
  • His punishment was way to harsh. However, if that bullet hit anyone else in the club it could have also been fatal.

    TheFigureCollector101TheFigureCollector101Day ago
  • Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 days ago
  • Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 days ago
  • I'm naming my cat Plaxico Purress.

    Eric LaramieEric Laramie2 days ago
  • Leggit probation 1 maybe 2 years. He didnt deserve that man. Its so wrong to prosecute him harder because he busted his butt to make something of his life. In the same vein no one deserves special treatment tho truthfully if they gave him a warning I would be happy cuz i just don't feel like he has ever showed any ill will or desire to harm others. Thats me tho.

    Jack DanielsJack Daniels2 days ago
  • Two years for not shooting no one. Bruh. C'mon. Dude needed to pay a fine and be fine. If you don't harm someone no real crime was committed. How'd talib get away with the same thing. I can't stand that thug and he don't even get suspended by the league. Damn. Upside down world

    Drew MowDrew Mow2 days ago
  • I feel bad Flem I haven't watched one of your videos in a min , still the same fire content as usual, one of the most underrated USworldsrs out there

    asonunique419asonunique4192 days ago
  • That’s a damn shame. They took 2 years of this mans life and basically took his career at his peak. That’s Bloomberg for you. Plax hurt no one but himself and punishing him does nothing for the city’s cause. People who want to illegally carry a gun, are going to do just that. Punishing Plax isn’t going to make them change their mind. Sad situation.

    Grumpy PistachioGrumpy Pistachio2 days ago
  • I'm in Jersey. I remember this, and it was BS. Bloomberg was just grandstanding, it was just ridiculous and wrong. With all the issues in NYC this was Bloomberg's way of making people look right when all the issues are on the left.

    Mike MinutilloMike Minutillo3 days ago
  • I think the punishment should have been paying a couple millions in fines and losing his right to get a gun license in any state. At the most 3 months of jail should have been it. The precedent for the charge is terrible with a 3 to 15 year sentence. There was no need to ruin Plaxico over this mishap. Losing his right to own to a gun and paying millions in fines would have been enough of a punishment.

    Ian WellhousenIan Wellhousen3 days ago
  • The wistful patient cumulatively jog because theory computationally note absent a aboriginal plaster. relieved, thinkable anteater

    Capps EddieCapps Eddie3 days ago
  • His punishment was extreme but be smarter folks. Especially in a state like NY.

    Kevin VestKevin Vest3 days ago
  • I’m hard on Plaxico for ruining the opportunity people dream of but Bloomberg is a total piece of sh!t! There’s no reason to be so hard on somebody for an accident. Isn’t Bloomberg the douchebag that put restrictions on the size of a cola that you can buy in NY? I’m sure he is..what a Nazi!

    Kevin VestKevin Vest3 days ago
  • “Self inflicted” would imply intent. As I remember, this dumb-ass accidentally discharged his firearm. What an idiot😉

    Kevin VestKevin Vest3 days ago
  • Gotta love the irony that if it had been a white dude that shot someone else dude would be scrambling to protect gun rights. Black dude shoots himself, throw him in prison. Alright Bloomberg

    Skynyrd JesusSkynyrd Jesus4 days ago
  • If he wasn’t in New York he wouldn’t have got in any trouble, if you shoot yourself that should be penalty enough. Stupid New York gun laws.

    jmpayne333jmpayne3334 days ago
  • Hell everybody knowing he shot hisself is enough punishment he didn’t hurt nobody but him smfh

    Dachoosen1 MywaymyworldDachoosen1 Mywaymyworld4 days ago
  • He should have gotten only probation.

    RAY RAYRAY RAY4 days ago
  • Fuck Mike Bloomberg

    Dustin ZhuDustin Zhu5 days ago
  • Love these videos man and I’m not even a die hard sports guy! You do a great job! Keep it up and hope you reach a million subs soon! 👊🏻🙌🏻👍🏻

    Ken TonnKen Tonn5 days ago
  • probation if said person has no violent crime history & hurt no one but himself & there no intention to harm others but just protech himself probation all day.

  • I thought he wore number 1 at Michigan state

    TTg GigglesTTg Giggles5 days ago
  • I'd say 6 months and 2 years probation for a gun charge like that. People need to be responsible with their weapons and he wasn't. 2 years too much. Definitely not 15 years. That's rediculous!

    bobbycone2bobbycone25 days ago
  • My friend got three years no questions asked for the same thing. Most states or all don’t play with this. He’s not a professional player. This is just dumb luck.

    Gerrylynn MakoGerrylynn Mako5 days ago
  • What a scumbag. Here's a guy who shoots himself after flaunting the law. Now, New York has been happy to say, "Have an illegal gun, get five years in jail, no exceptions". But what happens? Plaxico cuts a deal with Michael Bloomberg's gun control group in exchange for a lesser sentence. In other words: other people who obey the law have to follow the law and do time in jail if they screw up, but not me, I'm famous...and that's why I'm telling you that you shouldn't have guns.

    American KulakAmerican Kulak5 days ago
  • BRUUUUUUH!!!! You to good at this. You need a T.V deal 😆

    Tom HardyTom Hardy5 days ago
  • 17:50 I think shooting himself was punishment enough. Lesson learned am I right?

    Mitchell Daniel SmithMitchell Daniel Smith6 days ago
  • Bloomberg: knows that plaxico had a football 🏈 future but those white racist people don't care? However if they can add flame to the fire they will. Remember get all the money you can from your slave master and invest it properly 😜

    Troy WhitlowTroy Whitlow6 days ago
  • I can look at it both ways, yes he only shot himself, but also what if when it discharged a single mom with 3 kids gets a rare night out cause it’s her sisters birthday and it hits and kills her. An NFL player has a whole bunch of ppl working for him, someone in his entourage should have made sure he was registered to carry or just said we got your back, you don’t need to be carrying a gun when you ain’t even licensed to carry.

    Chris PapChris Pap6 days ago
  • It should be the minimum

    Carson MillerCarson Miller6 days ago
  • Plax gotr to play with Ben Roethlisberger (sure fire hall of famer) and Eli Manning (a likely hall of famer), and Mark Sanchez (lol). 2/3 great QBs isn't bad! haha

    Chris HejdukChris Hejduk6 days ago
  • Bloomberg sucks. Dude needed a holster and some lessons on gun safety not prison.

    Brian TrombleyBrian Trombley6 days ago
  • Moral of the story? Buy a holster.

    Ryan LichtensteinRyan Lichtenstein6 days ago
  • He should have got 6 months house arrest he can go to games practices

    Antman 09Antman 096 days ago
  • 2 years wasn't a bad deal considering that the minimum was 3.5Y. As a Giants fan, I think Plax's legacy is intact; I will always remember and cherish the memory of that SB reception. I see the shooting as a terrible mistake (and felony)... many legendary athletes have accumulated their fair share of stupidity.

    Aubrey SmithAubrey Smith6 days ago
  • Still waitin for scraper 4.0

    Keu KiritoKeu Kirito6 days ago
  • Always holster.

    west familywest family7 days ago
  • Community service... Bloomberg is racist but doesn't get called out because he's not a republican.

    Jd MathysJd Mathys7 days ago
  • His punishment was insane

    David BrooksDavid Brooks7 days ago
  • Plaxico was the Biggest Drug Dealer on Mich State Campus, he was a legend lol

    MotorCityGAMINGMotorCityGAMING7 days ago
  • Plz do Eric berry

    JuiceJuice7 days ago
  • Thank you for confirming there wasn't an actual fire 😂😂😂😂

    Gaming with TeeGaming with Tee7 days ago
  • 19:05 y'all do not understand how *torturous* 23 hrs a day in a cell is until you actually do it

    Nash MillerNash Miller7 days ago
  • I see what you did there, when you where explaing about manscaped you said its "the perfect package" hahaha great word play my dude. Hahaha

    Greg OmishGreg Omish7 days ago
  • Plex had no criminal record so I think he should've gotten 6 months jail (out in 3 months) and 3 years probation

    Alex FloresAlex Flores7 days ago
  • Man you mean he actually went to the PENATENTIARY!!?

    brian maileybrian mailey7 days ago
  • I know ppl in chicago that have been arrested over 3 times for illegal handguns that haven't done more than a couple months in jail. This man got robbed hard, hope nobody hired his lawyer.

    neon nsneon ns8 days ago
  • One of the best football documentary channels great job bro.

    Gamer Madden07Gamer Madden078 days ago
  • 14:42 love the analysis of the glock...he should’ve purchased a sig p226.

    The Greatness of The RaidersThe Greatness of The Raiders8 days ago
  • As an answer to the "Bloomberg punishment question " .... 1. Plax should have been given a hefty fine to be paid to a charitable organization... local Boys n Girls Clubs or something similar 2. He should have been made to do a series of PSAs about gun safety 3. He should have been ordered to take and pass gun safety and concealed weapons classes. 4. Community Service at local youth detention centers to speak against gun violence and possibly mentor a group of at risk kids. Case closed. No interviews.

    TS From Menlo ParkTS From Menlo Park8 days ago
  • Bro! I love your channel, your journalistic p.o.v., and literally EVERY STORY that I've watched you report on. One of my favorite reports you did was on JaMarcus Russell. The personal story at the end was just too good. Anyway I really am commenting to ask you to do a story on my friend, #24 Deltha O'neal. First Round 15th overall to Denver in the Y2K Draft. I know how you do with your reports brother, so I'll just pray that you hear my plea, and you decide it worth your time. Much love and respect, and wishing you success in all you do.

    TS From Menlo ParkTS From Menlo Park8 days ago
  • You do not get on the Honor Roll and flunk the SAT’S.., sorry, that isn’t a thing. Someone else was doing his homework.

    Phatback BeatPhatback Beat8 days ago
  • When he was a kid and saw all these adults working jobs that you did not want to work.., THAT should be your BIGGEST motivation to go to school. Those adults working shitty jobs were not college graduates.., probably most weren’t even high school graduates. Black culture has got to change. Education is GOOD and will free a black man. Emancipate and break the mental chains that still enslave. Knowledge and education is King !

    Phatback BeatPhatback Beat8 days ago
  • I'm from nyc giant fan ...i had a gun charge when I was young laws was different.... dey could've gave him probation ..but it says more about how the system is racist .. but after this any star caught was doing time here smh

    4real ceo4real ceo8 days ago
  • Shall not be infringed

    Michael MatkinsMichael Matkins8 days ago
  • Democrats do what they do best.....throw black men in Prison.

    Mj BallardMj Ballard8 days ago
  • Carson wentz

    SnakebiteSnakebite9 days ago
  • Shooting ones self is a self correcting problem

    Peter AllenPeter Allen9 days ago
  • my honest thoughts for the punishment of the crime should really be a slap on the wrist for this instance. the dude shot HIMSELF, plus it's not like he had any malice / ill intent so it doesnt matter

    Jaye HammJaye Hamm9 days ago
  • At least probation for the discharge he shot himself

    Cole Cash The KOACole Cash The KOA9 days ago
  • 3 months prison 6 months community service and no gun for 10 years

    Ezra RisherEzra Risher9 days ago
  • I think the embarrassment of shooting yourself is punishment in itself. I'd say, give him 3 years probation.

    Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor10 days ago
  • And this is why nobody likes Michael Bloomberg

    Mel GibsonMel Gibson10 days ago
  • New York has some of the stupidest gun laws in our country. Evidently the politicians in New York have never read the Second Amendment to our constitution.

    cracker Bob from Green cove spgscracker Bob from Green cove spgs10 days ago
  • One of my all-time favorites...BIG PLAX!!!

    Jabari AkhenamenJabari Akhenamen10 days ago
  • nah that bullet could have hit anyone. stupid mistake and horrible situation but I think 2 years is fair

    Justin Herbert Is In Bald GangJustin Herbert Is In Bald Gang10 days ago
  • Give bro probation and community service or something

    Luc DWLuc DW10 days ago
  • Mini Mike and the judge must have been Jets fans.

    A to the TA to the T10 days ago
  • Q da wayneeeee

    Alan RodriguezAlan Rodriguez10 days ago
  • You need to do a video on the other Michigan state wide receiver and the number to pick over all Charles Rogers who is dead now

    fireemt0322fireemt032210 days ago
  • 5k fine, 1 year of probation-- tops imo

    Paul ThorsonPaul Thorson10 days ago
  • Straight up, the laws on this shit are super easy to follow. He could have locked that shit up in the car or something. It’s incredibly stupid to gamble with crimes that have such harsh consequences. Especially someone with his stature.

    Shaun ONeillShaun ONeill10 days ago
  • Clean criminal record, a legally acquired firearm, and a victimless crime should have equaled 3 years probation in my opinion. Jail time for this offense was a bullshit! Jerkoff mayor trying to hype himself up on the back of Plaxico.

    terryo79terryo7911 days ago
  • Dam that's fuck up but that's how its go we all know that

    Lou phiLou phi11 days ago
  • What should have happened to Plaxico?... Hold up, let me consult my "Manscaped Ball Toner".... My Ball Toner informed me that Plaxico is a United States citizen hence he has the right to keep and bear arms and those rights shall not be infringed... My Ball Toner also informed me that shooting yourself in the leg is not only embarrassing, but a punishment within itself.... My "Manscaped Lawnmower" also informed me that Plaxico is a chill dude.......This is not an official endorsement for the Manscaped Ball Toner or Lawnmower... Freshen your balls at your own risk.

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla11 days ago
  • You should be free to carry a gun .

    The mad ladThe mad lad11 days ago
  • Possession? Fine... maybe some time... nothing serious as 2 years. Maybe some months and community service. This isn't a career criminal. Just a careless professional athlete.

    Hotep KennelsHotep Kennels11 days ago
  • He shouldn’t have gone to jail at all, at most should of just gave him community service. Such a shame because he was just trying to have a good time with his teammates.

    Anthony TagleAnthony Tagle11 days ago
  • This just shows how fuxed up the prison system really is ... it’s all about money and control

    marcus hopkinsmarcus hopkins12 days ago
  • I’ve watched football for 30 years now and I didn’t know half of these stories. FlemLo’s research is impeccable. He’s got a great knack for humanizing these athletes without necessarily asking his audience to either praise or condemn them. He tells their story and lets us come to our own conclusions. This is one of the best sports channels on USworlds.

    Critical MissivesCritical Missives12 days ago
  • As a Pats fan Plax has always had a place in my heart (not a good one) fucking 19-1. It was a series of unfortunate events, there was no ill-intent. Dude made a mistake. What good did it do for anyone to lock him up for 2 years? Hell, you could have just gave him a ton of community service and he could have talked to every school in NYC about gun violence, or the value of an education. That would have actually served the state and the people.

    bobby boucherbobby boucher12 days ago
  • I wish you commentated on other topics besides football, because you are an excellent commentator keep up the good work my brother. From BALTIMORE CITY

    Tonya ClaytonTonya Clayton12 days ago
  • Damn im watching this And im just thinking big tall WR's and boom as im watching I Get a Notification About Vincent Jackson Dead At 38 smh😯😞🙏🏼

    Jose DiazJose Diaz12 days ago
  • 2 years in prison. That's a sin. NY is horrible

    oh nooh no12 days ago
  • He should have been fined and that it. No one else was hurt except himself, he had no record, and it wasn't like he was out attempting to hurt anyone.

    ExtremeredfoxExtremeredfox12 days ago
  • I’d say maybe 6 months at the most. Now if he had intent to shoot someone in that club, I can understand the maximum sentence. But 6 months.

    Real American StudiosReal American Studios12 days ago
  • Gotta Say FlemLo, I love your player coverage. One of my favorite channels on USworlds. Never quick to judge, always looking at it from all angles, and getting the real story behind the headlines. Nice work, and keep it up. Your truly original content is always entertaining and insightful.

    Kory FreshwaterKory Freshwater12 days ago
  • He broke no law. Shall not be infringed.

    James DodsonJames Dodson12 days ago
  • Great point for inner city youth. If they feel doing the legal way is going to be too difficult they're going to turn to crime. This is why I think big businesses that employ minimum wage talent should provide scholarships, grants, and work opportunities for their minimum wage employees so that they can become more economically valuable as their skillset improves. Giving them a higher minimum wage deceptively keeps them locked at the bottom of the barrel and in the next 10-20 years when inflation makes that raise increase they will be desperate for higher wages. Thus the cycle repeats.

    ExtremeredfoxExtremeredfox12 days ago
  • I would give him 2 years cuz bro shot himself he already suffering😂

    KvngCobraKvngCobra13 days ago
  • Crazy that they just let yall carry guns

    TMLFan 778TMLFan 77813 days ago
  • I hope he finds his way for himself and his family. He has been through a lot and has lost the advantage of a parental confidante. I hope when people do encounter him they look at his entire situation with understanding. I hope people don't pass judgement on him for that one incident that cost him so much.

    clara mckenzieclara mckenzie13 days ago
  • A slap in the face

    Stormcaller KingStormcaller King13 days ago