What Happened to Victor Cruz? (A Short But Sweet NFL Career)

Sep 22, 2020
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A look at the NFL Career of Victor Cruz.
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    FlemLo RapsFlemLo Raps5 months ago
    • @T Woods damn...they wack like THAT bruh?!

      Feo DienteFeo Diente4 months ago
    • Lmao I played for that sorry ass red team 2 yrs after Vic graduated and we actually from the same city

      T WoodsT Woods4 months ago
    • I see you hitting those camera shot cues.. it gives the show that much polish bruh..✊🏾😁

      Feo DienteFeo Diente4 months ago
    • Has Devin Hester been done?

      finnetube1finnetube14 months ago
    • Flemlo, I am happy to see the growth of your channel and your Journalism.... I am proud of you doing your own thing

      Pablito MiguelPablito Miguel4 months ago
  • Enzo played football😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Southwest TurkSouthwest Turk2 hours ago
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    dj browndj brownDay ago
  • Yeah the Victor Cruz story was awesome

    Chris PesceChris Pesce4 days ago
  • Great video ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    Likah SpiveyLikah Spivey5 days ago
  • His book is really good also

    GambbitGambbit9 days ago
  • As a die hard Giants fan I can tell you that Vic is an all time giant and fan favorite. Many sundays were spent chanting “CRUZZZZZZZ”

    Ryan DonnellyRyan Donnelly10 days ago
  • One of my favorite Giants player of all time! He had a great short run 2011 Super Bowl win will never forget!! Injuries ruined his career unfortunately

    Steve Diego dela VegaSteve Diego dela Vega11 days ago
  • my man viiicctoooorrrr cruuuuuuuuuzzzz salsa salsa salsa

    BigboiiJoe#8162BigboiiJoe#816211 days ago
  • His father was Black and his mom is a Black Puerto Rican*

    Roberto PerezRoberto Perez12 days ago
  • Victor Cruz went to my school

    MaxGoStxpid YTMaxGoStxpid YT13 days ago
  • I'm like 15 minutes from Bridgton Academy

    Red CloverRed Clover15 days ago
  • Great job! I wouldn't have know this back story for you bruh!

    Troy M. SmithTroy M. Smith15 days ago
  • Boriqua!!!!

    Ricky RuizRicky Ruiz19 days ago
  • Dude get to the point, you talk to much

    Ricky RuizRicky Ruiz19 days ago
  • His mom is Black as well🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. Black American father, and a Black Puerto Rican mom. Race, nationality, ethnicity and culture variations...

    Trinity BMSTrinity BMS19 days ago
  • I have more problem with them having no girls on the boat that I do with them taking the trip but if you're going to take that stuff you got to show up in the playoffs they did not and Victor Cruz especially we dropping passes left and right how was Odell

    lewis griffinlewis griffin19 days ago
  • I love him when we had him

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker19 days ago
  • The definition of determination. Cruz

    Mr soloMr solo21 day ago
  • As a giant fan shit was wack

    Most Hated NYMost Hated NY24 days ago
  • I like this channel I've learned so much binge watching during the Pandemic Thank You👌😊

    Lana Campbell-MooreLana Campbell-Moore24 days ago
  • This nigga beat the odds period

    ronniegraves2ronniegraves224 days ago
  • Oh your married 😭😭😭😭

    Flawless RoseFlawless Rose25 days ago
  • One of my favorite players from the Giants💯💯💯

    Walter MoiseWalter Moise25 days ago
  • Like your videos but maybe talk a little less, i was falling asleep.. other then that nice video👍

    Mario AlcantarMario Alcantar25 days ago
  • LatinX is racist.

    Jay SpearsJay Spears25 days ago
  • I had no choice but to sub, great story telling behind a good person! Enjoy your content man!

    SliceIceNDiceSliceIceNDice26 days ago
  • Just subbed ya bruh! 👊🏽

    Hott RoddHott Rodd26 days ago
  • You are a great story teller. I wish I was half as good.

    Kyle WasteKyle Waste27 days ago
  • Man I really hate when so-called fans or people who play sports in high school and never went any further than high school try to explain how player should be more dedicated or to try harder or should focus when everyone focuses at a different level it would makes you then doesn't make the same persons in pretty much just jealousy because the person who's the fan didn't make it as far as they thought they should have made it is there a problem with guys in the league who their way to blow off steam is partying

    Diaab muhammadDiaab muhammad27 days ago
  • I’m so happy that he won a Super Bowl and I hope that he made wise choices with his money.

    Ossie ROssie R27 days ago
  • He’s basically black

    P JP J28 days ago
  • Flemonade Lomanede

    Queso BlancoQueso Blanco29 days ago
  • Super Bowl Champion and Puertorican pride! 🇵🇷

    3M3M29 days ago
  • Lesson is always be ready . When its your time its your time but you gotta be ready for it

    Howitzer XOHowitzer XOMonth ago
  • growing up as a huge giants fan, victor and eli were my favorite players in the league when i first started watching, and i have so many fun memories seeing him ball out, great story, he definitely left his mark in the league.

    Stan RefermatStan RefermatMonth ago
  • The good old days.... Cruz and Nicks

    Mohawk NationMohawk NationMonth ago
  • do a what happened to my money yo I just overdraft smh

    Jonathan OviedoJonathan OviedoMonth ago
  • The man who made me get into football! guy is my GOAT

  • Jason Babin footage you triggered me dude

    Thomas PaglioneThomas PaglioneMonth ago
  • Everybody was pulling for Victor Cruz - even if the Giants were not your favorite team. He's just one of those players that you wish the best for...

    Jai DaMannJai DaMannMonth ago
  • Glad You Covered Him. He Was Nice💪🏾

    SlicK DollaSSlicK DollaSMonth ago
  • Cruuuuuuzzzz!!!

    Jonatan MartinezJonatan MartinezMonth ago
  • Love this video on dude, I mean Victor Cruz.

  • I disagree about the trip and you even countered yourself...you said people are wired differently and use Dennis Rodman as an example while he showed up. The Giants players didn't show up...they ain't wired to take trips and turn it on like that...they ain't like that. And OBJ damn sure ain't wired that way HoF talent being squandered. So the trip was a mistake and they proved it by not showing up and then also posting it. I think what you meant is that the idea of the trip is something you have no problem with but it was clearly an issue for the no show crue

    S MS MMonth ago
  • i don’t care about sports like this, but the stories you tell are interesting

    Des_DillingerDes_DillingerMonth ago
  • I played against a guy that was a tight end and could not catchnas well asmI could but had a throwing QB were we didn't. He got a scholarship to a small university where my brother in law was on the equipment team. He tried talking me into walking on but I thought I was too small at 5'11" and 145 lbs and did not try. A decision I regret to this day. Anyway, this guy did ok in college and was a undrafted and played at 6' 180 as a WR for the Chicago Bears in 1985 qnd got a ring. Great story and not sure how long he stayed in the league but he has a ring! God Bless

    Zeus Von RafielZeus Von RafielMonth ago
  • I'll always be a Victor Cruz fan. Dudes story is incredible.

    Alex RoncalAlex RoncalMonth ago
  • I'm glad this video had a happy ending. Im confident Victor Cruz is in a happy place

    Nikk CarrollNikk CarrollMonth ago
  • I've never seen wide recievers blow a game like they did in the Giants- Packers playoff game. Honestly Eli played lights out but the recievers were dropping everything

    Nikk CarrollNikk CarrollMonth ago
  • To bad Sean taylor didnt have simply safe

    Kaiser HarveyKaiser HarveyMonth ago
  • 14:20 "Oddly no women in the picture"... 📽😳👉 🎶😏🤫🎶 👈😳🎥 What you saying, bro? 🤣🤔

    A. AA.A. AA.Month ago
  • One of my favorite players Puerto Rican and from the same hometown as me lol just like me

    ibeastly1ibeastly1Month ago
    • @Ugly Hobo no he one of my favorite because I can relate to him , I love all players no matter of race or ethnicity my favorite player in the lg is Kyler Maury, just because Cruz is one of favorite doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his game but as a Puerto Rican male from Passaic New Jersey which is right next to Paterson New Jersey growing up in that area it’s hard to make it out sooo I can have my bias opinion on Victor Cruz cause I understand his struggle

      ibeastly1ibeastly1Month ago
    • So you judge a player because of his ethnicity? 🤔

      Ugly HoboUgly HoboMonth ago
  • Wtf is latinx

    Green BikeGreen BikeMonth ago
  • A team can't worry about money more than winning. That's not how it works in the league..

    Rob HRob HMonth ago
  • Love these vids! Keep up the great work bro!

    Matthew ThomasMatthew ThomasMonth ago
  • Great channel but hate the 2 minute intros of commercials.

    joe john2joe john2Month ago
  • Bro you have to do a video on Marvin Harrison

    Andre DevonAndre DevonMonth ago
  • Come on beetle juice you going to talk about Victor or this simply safe bulllllllshhhhiiiiattt

    Jason NicklesJason NicklesMonth ago
  • Bands wrote a book

    my god gamingmy god gamingMonth ago
  • I am a huge Giants fan since I was 10 years old now I am an old man. I went to school at UMASS as a freshmen when Julias Irving was a senior. We have a family place on a lake in Maine about 15 minutes from Bridgton Academy. Definitely a very small football program but besides Cruz they did have a graduate Jermaine Wiggins a Boston native that graduated from BA 10 years prior that played on a Super Bowl Patriots team and had a pretty decent 6 year career as a blocking tight end. Wiggins like Cruz also made the NFL undrafted.

    Jack dJack dMonth ago
  • Love these vids. Could you do some players from the past? Like 50s through 70s

    James HarperJames HarperMonth ago
  • I like your videos. I just subscribed. Thanks...

    ColwellNC1309ColwellNC1309Month ago
  • Is it "Cue the way". Or. "Cue the Wayne?"

    Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFallaMonth ago
  • its kinda surprising he didn't have the SAT scores bc he actually seems pretty intelligent.

    Thomas H.L.Thomas H.L.Month ago
  • A blessing my ass. After what he did to the Jets, he could’ve pulled both Hamstrings and would’ve waited for him.

    The LeadThe LeadMonth ago
  • Rathee play 7 years and get a ring then 15 and no ring

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezMonth ago
  • I hope he got his money. In the nfl, if you went undrafted, they gave him lowest offer.

    welcometomychannels welcometomychannelswelcometomychannels welcometomychannelsMonth ago
  • Him dancing in the rain with no shirt on was stupid .

    Victor BarajasVictor BarajasMonth ago
    • Any publicity = more $

      Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFallaMonth ago
  • I think I just realized how insane your video production and even studio has improved through the uploads!!!! EPIC.

    Esteban FloresEsteban FloresMonth ago
    • Definitely very good 💯

      Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFallaMonth ago
  • But he did make a cute little black daughter.

    Cool Runnings XoeCool Runnings XoeMonth ago
  • Did not care for him because he never embraced his black side. He’s Afro-Latin but only embraced one side. He has the Sammy Sosa self hate complex. And the fool is dark skinned but hated it. Smdh.

    Cool Runnings XoeCool Runnings XoeMonth ago
    • Sounds like a personal problem 🤔😂

      Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFallaMonth ago
  • Huge Birds fan here 🦅 but couldn't help but like Cruz

    Dylan LarsenDylan LarsenMonth ago
  • Has he done that Dallas receiver from 09 era who had back to back 200 yd games. Miles or something

    prod. by housewayprod. by housewayMonth ago
  • The fallen salsa king

    Bailey ThomasBailey ThomasMonth ago
  • And now he dances on Staten island for quarters

    Gil TGil TMonth ago
  • Just ran across your videos. Loving it! I like seeing what happened to these players from the past but, also love learning where they came from. I love your commentary and your research. Keep it up! I'm Bing watching all I can find. Which is why I post this on an older one.

    Luke AdkisonLuke AdkisonMonth ago
    • Check out the channel, you will like "KTO"

      Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFallaMonth ago
  • this guy should be huge best sports short documentary maker on the web RESPECT

    Sean GarveySean GarveyMonth ago
  • Hey man, great content. Respect.

    Douglas BarnesDouglas BarnesMonth ago
  • These biographies are so well done. I’m a subscriber now

    Jeremy DJeremy DMonth ago
  • Victor will always be a legend in NY

    Joe HorneJoe HorneMonth ago
  • Odell finna join him in that retirement life lol

    Julian ParksJulian ParksMonth ago
  • perfect example of opportunity over abilities

    NoahNoahMonth ago

    Eric PaytonEric PaytonMonth ago
  • Great story! I had never even heard of Victor Cruz until he scored those first two touchdowns against my beloved Eagles, then proceeded to salsa dance. And in the final game of that season, the Jets gave up that ridiculous 99-yard touchdown to him at the end of the game. That put the Giants into the playoffs and knocked my Eagles out. I felt like Victor was salsa dancing on my heart that entire season. Love his story though.

    Not So Silent BobNot So Silent BobMonth ago
    • Victor should have been reported to the U.S. Wildlife Service for all of the times he killed the Eagles.

      DAD 4ever-c90DAD 4ever-c90Month ago
  • As a jets fan I always hated the giants but Victor Cruz was the one giant I liked growing up

    Kevin WilliamsKevin WilliamsMonth ago
  • Not taking away from the giants win over the pats but the undefeated season the refs should of blown the whistle for the sack on Eli (yes I’m salty about that game) and the one against us at 13-3 I believe is when Gronk was out with an injury which actually hurt outer offense because he was starting to be the big peace that Brady relied on

    Jacob MoultonJacob MoultonMonth ago
  • Dan Marino 17 year NFL pro zero Super bowls < Cruz Super Bowl Champ.

    Chris FuscoChris FuscoMonth ago
  • Oh shoot a podcast?? I’m down

    Josh DykesJosh DykesMonth ago
  • That was a particularly aggressive “Cue the Wayne”. Just kidding, enjoy these videos a bunch!

    Stevens CardsStevens CardsMonth ago
  • Victor got hurt he would have had a hall of fame career.

    Ronny CaryRonny CaryMonth ago
  • Victor was lucky Eli threw that shit pass lol

    sicboisicboiMonth ago
  • Good Story.

    kwawesomekwawesomeMonth ago
  • Didn’t know you had a son bro, much love to you and the young king ✊🏾

    BoyWonder1914BoyWonder1914Month ago
  • I alaways watch your videos when smoking my blunts .. keep it up big boy .. most smooth voice in the game ... Greets for Europe

    Muten RoshiMuten RoshiMonth ago
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    Minh NguyenMinh NguyenMonth ago
  • ion gotta problem wit the trip but u cant get beat like dat N DA PLAYOFFS writers were saying it wouldnt end ell before the game if they lose n lord knows they lost😭

    Jayy MillzJayy MillzMonth ago
  • Why is there a cat crying in the intro?

    Marcin KiersnowskiMarcin KiersnowskiMonth ago
  • Victor Cruz was dope! Miss watching this guy play!

    Darryl BruceDarryl BruceMonth ago
  • Position Coach: I’m bout to start this mans whole career

    AmatoGamingAmatoGamingMonth ago